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  • Nymph - Robi Rosa
    "within the delicate purity of love i find the wild gardens of swoon i've slowly become a love comforter all our fears... sorry world did you find love yesterday did you finally find another man to make"
  • Rosa Maria - Robi Rosa
    "Walking past the doors of memory we cry for the family outside, and we listen to the background walking past the doors of memory. Glorified mother Did you know that I'm in love with your lonely heart. Walking"
  • Solitary Man - Robi Rosa
    "When I heard you say Maybe we'll love again Some distant day I'm without an answer I rather close my eyes and look for words to say A treat to solitude again It's clear to me that a tear end in an epic"
  • Songbirds & Roosters - Robi Rosa
    "nothing below but the sky on it's own nowhere to go this time i am the desperation of an imaginary day the sentiment of the other side i'm prisioned again on this crazy little word memories today disappear so"
  • Sunshine - Robi Rosa
    "if i could love you sunday mornings then everyday would be ok... if i could kiss you when you bore me then i would want to fade away... if i could be the only sunshine in your veins i'd say that i just"
  • Then - Robi Rosa
    "after more than 700 years of ungrateful love we conscious to(come) reunited against the growling winds i know... i know she'll be here again i know all about this cavern world in your fragile head come"
  • This Time - Robi Rosa
    "Oh break I, Oh I wish I knew It's late and I'm confused I'm tired of feeling like I abuse you I know these days would make me crawl God please don't let me fall. This time, I'll be your silhouette and"
  • Cruzando Puertas - Robi Rosa
    "Voy cruzando puertas tras de t, Amor, porque quiero yo as. Porque se que nos buscamos voy pisando pasos que ya d. Dónde ests? Te busco, sólo encuentro un lugar de piedra y silencio. Voy cruzando puertas"
  • Hablando Del Amor - Robi Rosa
    "Voy hablando del amor mientras camino por el valle de flores de la muerte. Flores del abismo para matar el llanto abismo de la sangre para matar el llanto sangre del deseo para matar el llanto deseo de"
  • Penelope - Robi Rosa
    "Me despierto en el alba soando no se que, desayuno con lluvia y te recuerdo en el caf; soe tu figura lejos esperando en los suburbios del olvido. Y me vi solo zarpando barcos de oro q llene con regalos"

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