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Rolling Stones Blinded By Rainbows

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Rolling Stones Blinded By Rainbows
  • Loreena McKennitt Standing Stones
    "In one of these lonely Orkney Isles There dwelled a maiden fair. Her cheeks were red, her eyes were blue She had yellow, curling hair. Which caught the eye and then the heart Of one who could never be A"
  • The Grateful Dead Throwing Stones
    "Picture a bright blue ball just spinning, spinning free Dizzy with eternity. Paint it with a skin of sky, brush in some clouds and sea Call it home for you and me. A peaceful place or so it looks from"
  • Laika Diamonds & Stones
    "It is long gone This right went wrong Stop your cryin child Diamonds and stones My skin my bones Stop your cryin child 'Cause the time has been and gone Might as well just move along The days go by I"
  • Toploader Stepping stones
    "Stepping stones, I know that's all I am to you One more step and then your gone How I try and try and try All these things go rushing by Then you'll come and let me down Jetting of to far off places that"
  • Picture House Raining Stones
    "(browne/maitland) Fade into day It's a marvel of opium grey I can't feel a thing My head's on a string Being led by the hand of a stranger Welcome to where ever else in the world that you are Slow motion"
  • Ray Boltz The Stones
    "We don't really know much about her We don't even know her name But the way she was treated was a shame She heard the angry voices There was nothing that she could say It wouldn't have mattered anyway All"
  • The Brothers Throwing stones
    "I 'm throwing stones into the water I try to throw them as far as I can And with every stone I see a minute of our lifetime I watch the circles growing round and round Well here I am I am waiting for you"
  • Genesis Seven Stones
    "(Banks/Collins/Gabriel/Hackett/Rutherford) I heard the old man tell his tale: Tinker, alone within a storm, And losing hope he clears the leaves beneath a tree, Seven stones Lay on the ground. Within"
  • Grateful Dead Throwing stones
    "Picture a bright blue ball just spinning, spinning freeDizzy with eternity.Paint it with a skin of sky, brush in some clouds and seaCall it home for you and me.A peaceful place or so it looks from spaceA"
  • Yoko Ono I See Rainbows
    "Its getting cold around here People are living in fear Whether its in a country or in an island Frightened by death, holding our breath While our souls cry out I dont wanna be mugged by some mother I"

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