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Runaway runaway

  • Runaway - Nadia Ali
    "Can we go away and never turn around again On an escapade and always keep the vision Can we open out and spread ourselves around the sand Captivate the sun keep the light till the world ends Runaway Runaway Take"
  • Runaway - Carola
    "So many things that you could say or doDon't wanna say goodbyeSo many nights that I would cry for youBut you were cold as iceNow I'm searching for someone I can be sure ofSacrifice the only one that I"
  • Runaway - Marc Terenzi
    "She stands alone again at night The darkness calling her name The Light's on but there's nothing inside She waits outside for someone to blame She falls down on her knees And she cries She doesn't wanna"
  • Runaway - Amber Pacific
    "(feat. Mike Herrera Of Mxpx) I cant give you the moment, the chance to be right I wont save this for tonight I cant give you the reason, the truth, or the light But I will keep you in my sight I cant"
  • Runaway - Cher
    "Nobody said it would be easyNobody gives you guaranteesCause a heart can always be brokenAnd there can be no loving without tearsRunawayTo a place where nobody knowsRunawayGotta let this feeling goRunawayIf"
  • Runaway - Adolescents
    "Hello? Is my daughter there? She's 15 years old Blue eyes, blonde hair She's been away from home 'bout two or three day To locate Rikk Agnew in California Write a letter to me on a random chance of receiving"
  • Runaway - Andy Bell
    "Fall in love All I want is love Don't you touch me Baby don't you touch me What do you see? You're in ecstasy On a mission Haunted by the vision Got to believe it Now 1-2-3 yeah Caught in a trap Then we"
  • Runaway - Natasha Thomas
    "(Intro)S-I-NI would give my life for you,You mean the world to me,baby baby baby baaaaaabyOoh, you know I love you(uh huh, come on, yea, yea)And i wanna be together so we can runaway(it's Nb Ridaz)Just"
  • Runaway - Janet
    "I've seen the world Been to many places Made lots of friends Many different races I've had such fun Around the world it's true African skies with Nairobi mood I fell asleep in Tuscany and dreamed The"
  • Runaway - Status Quo
    "Riding on a high, riding so high now Im leaving Am I running far from my own fears Im never facing up, I never face up to the reasons And never showing any of my tears Cos I leave out the back way, not"

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