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SAXON Tour Podcast Buenos Aires');

  • Tour de force - Covenant
    "You burn the ground to hold your position You ran away if I came too close You kept track of balance and pressure All the dreams and desires I want some more Red Black Green for the jackpot take you down"
  • The grand tour - George Jones
    "Step right up, come on inIf you'd like to take the grand tourOf a lonely house that once was home sweet homeI have nothing here to sell youJust some things that I will tell youSome things I know will chill"
  • A Supposed Tour - A.C.T.
    "Offered To Support An Act And They Were Overwhelmed. Took Them Weeks To Plan That Trip. Everything Was Done To Keep The Costs Down, Budget Was Low, Of Course. A " So Called" Van Stood Ready To Be Towed"
  • XO TOUR Llif3 - Lil Uzi Vert
    "Are you alright? I'm alright, I'm quite alright And my money's right 8… (yeah) Countin' them bands all way to the top, 'til they be fallin' over Countin' them bands, on the way to the top, 'til it's fallin'"
  • Tour De Horror - PRO
    "Namieszam w branży Larwa zatańczy Plugawy walczyk Łamanie karczych Nie błagam o kontrakty Nieludzka forma Od.. 17 Parafki na cyrograf BDF Nie wjade fordem Tylko …. Memento mori Ja nietypowy Coś jak ten"
  • Tour An Arvor (La Tour D'armor) - Alan Stivell
    "Piw ac'hanoc'h-c'hwi a welas - mordud, E beg an tour, e ribl an traezh E beg an tour e kastell Arvor Daoulinet eo 'n itron Azenor Eskob kr-Is eured a lidas Ha pemzeg teiz krenn a badas Pemzeg teiz bannuwezh"
  • La Tour Eiffel Sid - Arthur H
    "Jattends que la Tour Eiffel dcolle Que fait donc pose sur ses pieds Cette belle fuse qui sennuie Jattends que la Tour Eiffel dcolle En revtant lhabit de lumire Je me prpare pour lheure H Jattends sans"
  • Halfway Through The Tour - A-ha
    "Halfway through the tour We'll be somewhere else tomorrow Halfway through the tour We'll be somewhere else tomorrow And you know I can't do much more (I can't wish for more) Than walking out that door And"
  • Le Tour Du Monde - Celine Dion
    "(Eddy Marnay / Jean-Pierre Calvet) Sitot qu'un soleil me caresse le nez Je fais le tour du monde Sitot que je vois deux oiseaux s'envoler Je fais le tour du monde (As soon as a sun caresses my nose I"
  • Le tour du monde - Lara Fabian
    "1, 2, peut-on compter jusqu 2 ? Toi et moi, qui ntions pas Arrivs jusque-l Cest sr, pour gurir de nos blessures Faut plus de 80 jours Pour en refaire le tour Je ferai le tour du monde My love, love dans"

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