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  • Ariel Pink Interesting Results
    "will I write a song you love today? there's no way to tell and who cares, well I don't thank the lord that my standards for success are so low every time I pick up the pen I get interesting results every"
  • Ariel Pink West Coast Calamities
    ""i'm davy jones, enjoy the music" she's a pussycat like every man is a snake it's well after 8 but the sun sets the light on her gown he booked a room at the areola inn for a date the slut took the bait,"
  • Ariel Pink Flying Circles
    "now tell me momma does this ever happen to you you got a little question and she couldn't remember, no and then the time passed you by (...) then you(...) of that meaning side (...) feel like I'm going"
  • Ariel Pink Gettin' High In The Morning
    "There's nothing like Waking up with it I like to live Yeah, I like to do it I like it a lot I like it a lot Yeah, I'm gonna work on it Work on it Work on it Like to do it I like it a lot I'm so down"
  • Ariel Pink Helen
    "Helen, are you still there? I can't really tell Where are you, Helen? Helen, you say that it's you Please tell me the truth That you're not Helen, Helen Helen, where are you? Gone on Monday morning Helen,"
  • Ariel Pink Every Night I Die At Miyagi's
    "Ebm Abm would you like to be mine Bb Db okay then i'll be yours for just one day Ebm Abm Bb Db haha just joking tell me when to start Ebm Abm Bb Db oh-oh,"
  • Ariel Pink Alisa
    "i tried in vain to let you go alisa but your cries won't cease to echo alisa you're in my heart, you're in my dreams, you're in my soul alisa you're in my heart, you're in my dreams, you're in my soul"
  • Ariel Pink The People I'm Not
    "hey! people, they talk a lot about it but they don't have a clue what it means, it's true i am one of those jealous little guys who will try to beat you all day but people, i'm not that way i'm not that-- people"
  • Ariel Pink Higher And Higher
    "i want to get higher and higher don't wanna stop reaching for the top and don't wanna bow too low to the ground don't wanna be in between the moment just wanna chase my high all around higher and higher higher"
  • Ariel Pink Don't Talk To Strangers
    "I recorded a song from a memory I heard a long time ago I don't know who wrote it I don't know who sang it I don't know where it came from I don't know why But I just know that I've heard it Somewhere,"

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