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  • The Lamb's Book Of Life - Sinead O'Connor
    "Out of Ireland I have come Great hatred and little room Maimed us at the start And now home just breaks my heart To America I have come I hope to bring your preacher man Home to show my people how"
  • If U Ever - Sinead O'Connor
    "The memories u bring Make my eyes both sting I can't help that pain that's tearing At my throat and my chest Where everything is kept When I start remembering How the clothes that u wore Made my"
  • Emma's Song - Sinead O'Connor
    "The first time I saw you I loved you I loved you Your face blue Your eyes too Your mouth too Your mouth too When I heard you I wanted to Give birth to you Give birth to you I made love to you"
  • Peggy Gordon - Sinead O'Connor
    "O Peggy Gordon, You are my darling Come sit you down upon my knee And tell to me the very reason Why I am slighted so by thee I am so deep in love that I can't deny it My heart lies smothered in"
  • Her Mantle So Green - Sinead O'Connor
    "As I went out walking, one morning in June To view the fair fields, and the valleys in bloom; I spied a pretty fair maid, she appeared like a queen, With her costly fine robes and her mantle so green Says"
  • Lord Franklin - Sinead O'Connor
    "We were homeward bound one night on the deep Swinging in my hammock I fell asleep I dreamed a dream and I thought it true Concerning Franklin and his gallant crew With 100 seamen he sailed away To the"
  • The Singing Bird - Sinead O'Connor
    "I have seen the lark soar high at morn Heard his song up in the blue I have heard the songbird pipe his note The thrush and the linnet too But there's none of them can sing so sweet My singing bird"
  • Jackie - Sinead O'Connor
    "Jackie left on a cold, dark night Telling me he'd be home Sailed the seas for a hundred years Leaving me all alone And I've been dead for twenty years I've been washing the sand With my ghostly tears Searching"
  • Mandinka - Sinead O'Connor
    "I'm dancing the seven veils Want you to pick up my scarf See how the black moon fades Soon I can give you my heart I don't know no shame I feel no pain I can't see the flame But I do know Man-din-ka I"
  • Jerusalem - Sinead O'Connor
    "Ran down and the lady said it It got torn down And the priest just said It got burned They give me five years five years It's my turn Ran down and the lady said it It got torn down And the priest just"

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