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Scarface Last Of A Dying Breed

  • Holocaust Breed - 122 Stab Wounds
    "Ride The Fantasies Of The Holocaust Breed Like The Dogs Lusting For A Bitch To Share A Bone Like The Cats We Are one With Night We Possess Eternal Life Come With Us Breath the Life Feel It Growing, Growing"
  • New Breed - Pietasters
    "Well gather around girls, and take a look at me, 'Cause I got something that you gotta see CHORUS You can call me for whatever you need, I was a part of the new breed Part of the brand new breed I got"
  • Corroded Breed - Wumpscut
    "You see blackened men in jail With gleaming eyes they scream out hail And hungry like a wulf they cry Released they're longing for you die Their potential of aggression seems to Be a part of passion Young"
  • Raw Breed - Das EFX
    "From the floor, keep it raw Yeah, yo, yo, yo, yo Verse 1: Dray, Skoob I heard that one man's loss, is the next man's gain I came to drop the shit like rain and bring the pain to your brain We leave a"
  • Rare Breed - Bronze Nazareth
    "(Phillie) Yeah, let's get real acquainted, flows hard as the pavement Far as basic, my aim in the game's, through complication Food for thought tast it, ain't it amazing? God MC, whose hard as me, rumble"
  • Synthetic Breed - Sybreed
    "Born into a sea of megabits, we now define a datatronic Symbiosis for the new times to come: new, perfect machines Of pain, next step to human slavery, plasticity and effective control For laborious mass"
  • Breed Siamese - Oceansize
    "For a ghost you are to visible you shine for all the world to see What fails you to be so miserable For all the things that used to be There's nothing to ask you Bleed myself blind over this ill"
  • Night Breed - Screeching Weasel
    "this used to be a place where we could walk the streets unrestricted by imaginary fears things didn't seem to be so complicated then til you polluted everything that we had here our little secret was exposed"
  • Dying With Your Boots On - Scarface
    "Trouble seems to catch a motherfucker with his cards down Gotta keep my drawers up, shit's gettin hard now These motherfuckin cops be plantin shit on these niggas Simply because these niggas got bank accounts"
  • Dying land - Darkseed
    "The last bird from a scattered flock seeks shelter in a tree alone amongst the lonely woods he will cry when noone hears he will fall when noone cares palls of grief hanging in the clouds what must go"

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