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Shame, omd

  • No Shame - Jeff Bates
    "In a crowded room I wanna hold your hand Wanna kiss your lips like a desperate man When I hear your voice callin my name I'll come runnin to you as fast as I can No shame no holding back baby Insane cause"
  • No Shame - Real Life
    "There's no magic That can take your place No make believe To change your life If burning bridges fall On all we know Once in a lifetime I say let them fall I confess There's no second chance That if"
  • For Shame - Kix
    "For shame it had to be like that For shame it had to be like that Couldn't leave the boy uninvited Could of had you so excited For shame it had to be like that For shame it had to be like that Tonight"
  • No Shame - Arena Tina
    "Arena Tina In Deep No Shame It took me twenty years to stand up straight and tall It took me all of twenty seconds for everything to fall I don't worry about my pride anymore 'Cause pride is something,"
  • Walking On Air - Omd
    "The mood I'm in I can't explain Is black and white Much worse than pain The fear of this Se clear tonight Is next to me But not exactly It's obvious So plain to see That I'm not as dumb as You'd like me"
  • Cryin' Shame - Donovan
    "Food in abundance, beggars and banks, God in His Heaven and His priests in tanks. Gold in the misery, sewer in the mind, Greed and corruption of every kind. They all know it's a cryin' shame To turn your"
  • Cryin' Shame - Lindsay Pagano
    "The bell rings, school's out Friends go crazy, teachers shout Time slips by, a year is gone Guess I'll kick another summer back And sing this song Don'tcha know that (CHORUS) Sittin' on a throne won't"
  • Crying shame - Muse
    "Too late You mean its too late You can put it to the test You never saw your face When youre in a strain When its way too late Well cleanse the Gods And consider you Well its a crying shame Yeah its a"
  • Cryin Shame - Cher
    "love walk out the door its a cryin shame it dont happen no more love walk out the door its a cryin shame it dont happen no more Im Readin your letter i dont know weather to call you up and talk again. When"
  • Cryin Shame - Faster Pussycat
    "There was a haunting Evil breeze blowing off the bay That kasso smiled As he took the kid's life away The midway was his private oasis Where the dope got just a little too strong Relax, Jummy"

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