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  • Clap Your Hands - Sia
    "Well I've been neglecting the good things, whoa oh oh What I mean is I need the good things, oh oh I'm finding the light in the good things, whoa oh oh I might need help to see the good things, oh oh Shake"
  • Electric Bird - Sia
    "Someone plugged you in And sadly they clipped your wings Now you can't fly away electric bird Yeah someone took your tweet One day they fed you that bad seed You can't fly away electric bird Well you're"
  • Drink To Get Drunk - Sia
    "Verse 1 Eat food to satisfy my hunger I drink water to quench my thirst Use my mouth and air to blow balloon up And prick with pin to watch it burst To make noise I use my breathe To unlock doors I use"
  • Death By Chocolate - Sia
    "Death by chocolate is myth This I know because I lived I've been around for broken hearts and how Lay your head in my hands little girl This is only right now Death by crying doesn't exist, though The"
  • Never Give Up - Sia
    "I've battled demons that won't let me sleep Called to the sea but she abandoned me But I won't never give up, no, never give up, no, no! No, I won't never give up, no, never give up, no, no! And I won't"
  • Taken For Granted - Sia
    "I'm sitting in the car again Waiting for you You said you'd be a minute But you've been twenty two See you've got to do your hair And get it just right Sometimes you're in the bathroom For half of the"
  • Ho Ho Ho - Sia
    "Ho ho ho, bring a bottle of rum Ho ho ho, cream and whiskey bourbon Ho ho ho, bring a bottle of booze We got nothing to lose, ho ho ho Ho ho ho, bring a friend if you're pleased Ho ho ho, Santa's open"
  • Helium - Sia
    "I’m trying but I keep falling down I cry out but nothing comes now I’m giving my all and I know peace will come I never wanted to need someone Yes, I wanted to play tough But I could do all just on my"
  • Opportunity - Sia
    "Under the glow of the very bright lights I turn my face towards the warm night sky And I am not afraid of a thousand eyes And there below Five hundred smiles I used to think What wouldn't I give For a"
  • Fire Meet Gasoline - Sia
    "It's dangerous to fall in love But I want to burn with you tonight Hurt me There's two of us We're bristling with desire The pleasure's pain and fire Burn me So come on I'll take you on, take you on I"

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