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Sinisstar Drug Related

  • Drug Of Choice - 10 Years
    "Sex always sells, Death is a thrill Entertain my lack of paticence How much we pay to be tailor made The fashion slaves, the trends will change Now what is your drug of choice, pick your posion and enjoy What"
  • Drug Free (Remix) - Ol' Dirty Bastard
    "Kids, don't get high Mothafuckas had me up in this mothafucka, last night and shit I'm cocained the fuck up Paranoid as a motha.. yo I'm paranoid as a fucka Yeah, fuck that.. yo I fuck around and shit I"
  • Speed My Drug - End Of Green
    "Same old pain, same old desire. Reach my veins, it burns like fire. that's what i wanna be - my own worst enemy, six hundred sixty six more ways to bleed, thats what my life should be, my worthless"
  • The Perfect Drug - Nine Inch Nails
    "I got my head but my head is unraveling cant keep control can't keep track of where it's traveling I got my heart but my heart's no good you're the only one that's understood I come along but I don't"
  • Dance Hall Drug - Boys Like Girls
    "Grown up- she just turned 16 Stuck in the moment Dead at the scene And it's on tonight This is the life that you wanted, right? So turn off all the lights Dressed up just like a movie star At all the parties,"
  • Be My Drug - Wildhearts
    "Hold me, baby Try to think of how you made me Hold me, baby While the world gets bored and lazy And hold me Hold me tighter than I ever thought I could be Tighter than you'd hold a memory Time bubbling"
  • Drug Driven Insane - Bloodshoteye
    "I am who I am - Drug Driven Insane I will always be - Drug Driven Insane I will never change - Drug Driven Insane I was born this way I don't want more I fucking need more Do you know where I can score You"
  • Drug Your Love - Superjoint Ritual
    "Incite the weak Prove tough Prove blunt Bear gifts That seize rewards Devout praise Eradicate the will Deny resistance further An undenying rhythm Thats bad for it I'll pass the bread I've poisoned with"
  • Like A Drug - My Former Self
    "This engagement is gasping for oxygen And I don't think we'll make it out alive My intentions remain hidden for the meantime You're my broken record that I can't stop spinning Pollution in the air that"
  • My Elusive Drug - Elton John
    "I'm not the same as I used to be All the things you've heard seem hard to believe Haven't always been good, never really been bad Most times I've been happy, yea sometimes I've been sad Sure I've made"

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