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Slippery migos

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Slippery migos
  • Hall & Oates Waterwheel
    "I hear you call me, Waterwheel Spin round, round in a circle Gracing my child dreams on fantasy hill Spin round, round in a circle Flash! paddles sending a spray to the air Lately, my thoughts are still- With"
  • Joel Plaskett Paralyzed
    "When the sun went down on me I looked like million bucks And I rode out of town in the back of a beat up pick up truck But when I stopped moving Got stuck in a rut The wheels they kept spinning Everything"
  • Kat Devils House Part III
    "War cry united us together The total frenzy, hungry house of sex Silent sonnet of soul's sea Satan, it feels good On my leg chasing rat In a diabolic scream The Black Ruler I dare to ask For naive, ready"
  • Nadia Ali Tantric
    "Lights are dim, the aroma Of the incense fills the room Roll the curtains, welcome inside Sandy outsides, lusty dune Slip my veil off, as our eyes lock Presence of electric thoughts Bashful motives, so"
  • Prince I Wanna Melt With U
    "I got 7 hours, baby. So what cha wanna do? (Ooh - I wanna melt with u) (Ooh - I wanna melt with u) This is safe sex, (Ooh - I wanna melt with u) New Power Generation style A funky little story about u"
  • Bjork Desired Constellation
    "It's tricky when You feel someone Has done something On your behalf It's slippery when Your sense of justice Murmurs underneath And is asking you: How am I going to make it right? With a palm"
  • Mc Eiht Can I Get Mine
    "Check it out Can I get mine? Can I get your money? Cause ain't a damn thing funny Niggas you know the deal Needs nuthin' but cash Serves the late night fiends to collects my green Peeps the dramatics Still"
  • Live Morning Humour
    "slippery jack, no more turning back, all around, morning humor i am a waiter and i am a server i'll run to your needs with strength and fervor in times when you are wasted i will walk in through the door,"
  • Al Stewart Willie the king
    "Old man Bodey sits on his own by the side of the bar Drinking slowly, resting the boots that he's carried so far Once was a gambler, 5-card poker rambler, That the wise men knew as a slippery deal And"
  • SOLAR Pan Czlajn 01 (feat. SB Maffija)
    "Chciałbyś mieć nasz fejm trochę wyświetleń Ci się marzy Ale nawet twój brat bliźniak Cię nie kojarzy z twarzy Latam z kwiatka na kwiatek, melanżuję i się bawię Twój chłopak jest jak pszczółka: raz ukłuje"

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