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Stale job

  • A Full Time Job - Eddy Arnold
    "A FULL TIME JOB Writer Jerry Teiffer I want a full-time job makin' love to you I'll do anything you want me to But if you have no plan to use a full-time man A part-time job will do I want a full-time"
  • Sleeping On The Job - Gillan
    "Big Ann is a working man Sleeping on the job She works the night shift does the night shift Sleeping on the job She uses so much energy There's never any left for me Big Ann is sleeping on the job Big"
  • You Got The Job - Bif Naked
    "If smiling raver chubby girls with fragrant barretted blond curls won't lead you to got the job If you don't mind cigarette smoke or my addiction to diet coke and sex night and got"
  • Love's A Woman's Job - Norma Jean
    "I just overheard on the telephone Where you've been spending your nights away from home I guess I fell to give the tenderness you need But love's a woman's job so just come here to me And let me kiss you"
  • Curb Job (Doggy Do) - Dickies
    "(lee,wilde) Gimme a bone I gotta get away You better gimme a bone There'e no way I'm gonna feed your face Aaaoh I'm gonna give you a curb job Aaaoh I'm gonna break your face Aaaoh I'm gonna give you"
  • Sleeping on the job - Ian Gillan Band
    "Big Ann is a working manSleeping on the jobShe works the night shift does the night shiftSleeping on the jobShe uses so much energyThere's never any left for meBig Ann is sleeping on the jobBig Ann is"
  • Jah Jah Blow Job - Don Johnson Big Band
    "(Check this) Head first into the fire, see me cursing the entire world I fire bullets out the mouth into a tire wall empires fall, others rise even higher, warfare is there to keep you scared in despair,"
  • Sittin' On The Job - Tamia
    "sittin here on the job, and hopin that you would call me my eyes, my eyes are tired from us sittin up and just talking, all night my supervisor noticed im kind of slow for today my girlfriends also noticed"
  • James Got A Blow Job - Nobodys
    "He called me on the phone. Said, "dude, it finally happened." He told me that he got some head and i started laughing. I told him to stop lying. He told me he was not. When he told me about the blow job"
  • We Drink On The Job - Earlimart
    "Right before you go to bed I'll still be buzzed around just like you said And we'll get down to the end We drink on the job Our heads are sad, our bones are tired as hell But Ronnie's still got a few"

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