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Supertramp - Babaji

  • Poor Boy - Supertramp
    "Can you believe me when I say, there's nothing I like better, Than just to sit here and talk with you. Although I'll rant and I'll rave about one thing and another The beauty of it is so pure to me, though, I'm"
  • Just A Normal Day - Supertramp
    "RD- Woke up cryin' with the break of dawn, and, I looked up and the sky, The air was still, yet all the leaves were falling, Can you tell me why? RH- Well, I just don't know the reason, I don't know what"
  • The Meaning - Supertramp
    "Just look at the comfort that you call your home, Just kidding yourself that you're never alone; Well, maybe there's something, just one thing, you shouldn't have said, So, you better beware. And, you"
  • If Everyone Was Listening - Supertramp
    "The actors and jesters are here The stage is in darkness and clear For raising the curtain and no-one's quite certain whose play it is How long ago, how long If only we had listened then. If we'd known"
  • Your Popps Don't Mind - Supertramp
    "Give it a word, give it a try Why don't you sleep out, stop living high You're on your own, your making ?bed? Now time for wasting, just look ahead Your poopa don't mind what you do or say You can't surprise"
  • Travelled - Supertramp
    "Travelled the world a million ways, Catching upon a familiar gaze Everyone lives by do or die, there's noone with time to laugh or cry There's noone to tell us what we're living for....... And though"
  • Rosie Had Everything Planned - Supertramp
    "Acting upon information received Rosie had everything planned Stood in a garden with a shotgun in hand What a woman Whilst entertaining the headlines next day Rosie would not be released If it was found"
  • Forever - Supertramp
    "I will always love you true forever Forever, I will always love you true Hope you'll feel the same way too forever Forever, I hope you feel the same way too Want to spend my life with you forever Forever,"
  • Potter - Supertramp
    "The name is Potter, hi there I'm sure getting hotter, minder I told her strict she could see my prickled cactus back in the confines of my home She didn't say yes, but she didn't say no, said just go get"
  • Coming Home To See You - Supertramp
    "You're very much like your mother And that's a natural fact But you couldn't look much like your brother's wife Or anyone like that And you don't look much like your sister 'Cause she's all big and fat But"

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