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Vogue bedies

  • You Don't Have To Worry - En Vogue
    "chorus: No fear, no shame, you don't have to worry 'Bout a thang No fear, no shame, you don't have to worry 'Bout a thang Makes no difference Near or far, baby It's you I love no matter where you are My"
  • Don't Go - En Vogue
    "I'm so glad to see you Now I have the chance to say Our love's been growing freely What must I do to make you stay Don't go I feel the time is right 'Cause my love for you has grown Up until this very"
  • Just Can't Stay Away - En Vogue
    "Won't you come close to me now Won't you come close to me now Here I am baby Right back in your arms What is it 'bout your love That draws me to you And though this is not the first time, baby I ever wanted"
  • Luv Lines - En Vogue
    "I never thought I'd be the one to find a guy Who gives his love to everyone Give promises he never keeps He broke my heart And scattered all my hopes and dreams Now I'm so confused Don't know what I should"
  • Sad But True - En Vogue
    "it's a winter day five years too late i'm feelin' cold inside holdin' on to what i don't know no more reasons no more wise just my life and my love i worked so hard to keep oooh sad but true sad"
  • Part Of Me - En Vogue
    "Rain, such a simple thang Every drop, a different stop But they all come from the same God is the cloud And we are the rain That's why I sometimes feel That somehow we are the same Whenever I lay my head"
  • Waitin' On You (Bonus Track) - En Vogue
    "It's ten o' clock and I'm still alone, waitin' by the phone, it makes me think you won't be back again, and I'm feeling so intense. (backs: Got me waitin', got me waitin'.) chorus I can't keep wastin'"
  • Don't Let Go - En Vogue
    "What's it gonna be Cuz I can't pretend Don't you wanna be more than friends Hold me tight and don't let go Don't let go Have the right to loose control Don't"
  • Those Dogs - En Vogue
    "I'm not much in to dogs and they're not in to me That's my history, I can't change it now Cuz those dogs are still on the prowl (Chorus) Dogs are puppies, they grow up wild And they don't do what you want"
  • Whatever Will Be Will Be - En Vogue
    "got a letter just the other day so much was left unsaid when you went away how my heart grew so cold from the misery of dreams ago an open envelope the last time that we spoke you said that you"

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