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adrenalin lpopez

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adrenalin lpopez
  • Gus Gus Acid Milk
    "Ear drum pump inside my head. I fall down as if I'm dead. Acid milk is on it's way. In my stomach, through my veins. Acid milk on every day. Adrenalin is running dry. I am on the milky way. Floating into"
  • Voodoo Glow Skulls Jive Psycho
    "jive psycho, he don't care. if you stare, come near him, if you dare. he likes being the way he is. he's all show biz. he'll be the man, he'll hold your hand. taking all he can from your lunchbox."
  • 8 Foot Sativa Kickitallaway...
    "Danger on your doorstep, get the red carpet out Get the floor swept, turn the volume to full Feel the adrenalin pull prepare to break every rule Just like a raging bull Charging through your gates Petrol"
  • Carnage Butcher
    "Surma yli taivasi Itke lht aikana multa Haamuva mahti jo havahduttaa Hasitan jokin kajotaa piiri Mahti suonissani Legenda hurmata ellosani Epkohta haave kesta mielissa Alati valmis! Alati! Kalpa- hnen"
    "JEDEN LUBI TO, JEDEN LUBI TAMTO Każdy robi sam na siebie Oczy patrzą, znam to Wizerunek ludzi Powiedz mi co robisz 21 wiek, czarny rynek życie studzi /2x Jedne lubi się najebać Jedne smak adrenalin’ Jeden"
  • Nicotine Missions Of Rising Sun
    "Just like a power generator My spirit burns so hot Ignition swith is on, I prepare to fight The value is rising high, Adrenalin in blood Kiss the picture, Pray and say goodbye Just for the peace"
  • Leeway Enforcer
    "The man's got the magnum Bows down to none Cops and cowboys is his life And everything he's won No matter how he slices Any which way but loose Action is his vice Adrenalin his juice Turn around face"
  • Hyproglow Stoke
    "Stoke The abyss is gazing in your eyes so close echoes of fear in your ears so close this maniac is your everyday life and you can't ecscape it, even if you try Stoke , Stoke , Stoke Adrenalin is discharged"
  • KMFDM Rabblerouser
    "System breakdown imminent Nature's gone belligerent Pilot error pre-programmed Oh that human element Driven by testosterone Adrenalin and pheromone Crowning glory of creation Super-human incarnation Failure"
  • Jesus Jones CHEMICAL #1
    "Here it comes! Here it comes! Here it comes! Here it Comes! It's adrenalin for me That is waiting patiently For when push comes to shove which it usually does for me No time here to explain All the many"

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