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  • Long Ago - Status Quo
    "(Rossi/Frost) So let's begin at the beginning And make it nice, so very nice Did you ever have another Who didn't think the way you think? You'd better hold on a minute, wait for a minute Don't leave"
  • Ice Age - Ras Kass
    "(feat. Kurupt & El-Drex) Ay how come you wont gimme no pussy tonite? Aight well shake the spot then, you think you special I hear your car keys jinglin, get the fuck out El Drex what you wanna do, Shai"
  • Under Age - Funeral Dress
    "I'm walking down the street to hang out with my friends we're having lot's of fun wish this would never end We're getting thirsty and we wanna get some beer but we're not old enough damn what's the problem"
  • Ice Age - Ambrosia
    "(drummond - pack - puerta - bernstein****) Home life, seems you're gettin' Mad 'n' nothin's gettin' done Old ties, that held you back Have got you on the run It's do or die, it's time to fly Tearin'"
  • New Age - Velvet Underground
    "Can I have your autograph? he said to the fat blond actress You know, I've seen every movie you've been in from "Pass of Pain" to "Duels of Glory" And when you kissed Robert Mitchum Gee, but I thought"
  • Ice Age - Wu-Syndicate
    "(Intro: Myalansky, (Joe Mafia)) Yo, son gimme some play on this release of Slot Time, son (Aight, son, it's all Wu) Gimme some play, man, it's cold world right now (It's real out here man, word up) Wu-Syndicate Icy,"
  • Computer Age - Newcleus
    "Push the button Are we under their control, or are they under our control, or what? Are we under their control, or are they under our control, or what? Push the button Computer age is now Everyone must"
  • Jet Age - Ladytron
    "she caught her flight at 10am and checked her face at Amsterdam oh, it's just what it's like when you're only seen at night she left her love somewhere at home and now she's dancing on her own to the kind"
  • Computer Age - Sonic Youth
    "1989, The Bridge: Neil Young tribute, Caroline Records (1374/KAR002, US) cars are trucks they got me on the corner but I'm alright standing proud before the signal when I see the light I feel like more"
  • Stone Age - De La Soul
    "* BizMarkie starts out the song beatboxing while De La Soul chants the words "I'll beatbox" * Ah mic test one two Aww man, I check it better Ah whatcha mean BizMarkie? Whatcha mean BizMark? I"

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