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akon superman

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akon superman
  • Dio Sunset Superman
    "The night has a thousand eyes But he moves in only places Where the eyes can never be The night tells a thousand lies And when you wake up in the morning Were you dreaming Screaming Tryin to hide your"
  • Miguel Bose Super Superman
    "''(Verse 1)'' Super Superman Don't you understand we love you? Super Superman Don't you know you are my hero? ''(Bridge)'' Knock 'em dead! Superman! Knock 'em dead! I'll tell you how to hit the beat Superman! ''(Verse"
  • Ace Hood Overtime (ft. Akon,T-pain)
    "Ace hood. its do or die. gotta go for that overtime. ye, cause its now or never. Ima put it on the line, gotta win so im ganna grind put it overtime(x5) cause i got money on my mind, give me every penny,"
  • Killing Heidi Superman / Supergirl
    "Superman supergirl, show me your stuff Take a bow at the world The boquet is hot Watch out superman, show me your stuff And if i didn't care Do you think i'd still be here? Do you really believe"
  • Ryan Shupe & The RubberBand Even Superman
    "When you saw her face You thought that nothing could go wrong And then you saw her smile You used to be so very strong But even x-ray eyes Could not realize Everybody loves and everybody falls and"
  • C-Borgs My superman
    "Some People Say to MeThey Say I Don't Have a ClueI'm Gonna Make Them SeeThere's Something Special 'bout YouWhen You've Got Your Arms Around Me(Oh When You've Got Your Arms Around Me)Oh BabyIn the Air Your"
  • Babybash No Way Jose(feat. Akon)
    "Say I ain't got time Got no time to stop and speak to friends passin' by (Said ain't got time) Got no time to stop and speak to friends passin' by (Man ain't got time) Got no time to stop and speak to"
  • Veronica Glapa Find me now ( Prod. Akon)
    "( AYO, AYO, Ayo Ayo) Imagine that Youre sleep alone And then the soul is covers you on Imagine that God sent me to Ya To beeing your angel But sometimes has down I shouldnt looking in your eyes I shouldnt"
  • Raekwon Call Of Duty (feat. Akon)
    "This is a renegade salute, yeah we on that And keep what we kill, yeah we on that We never fightin’ we just cock and go click clack Turn that ass ‘round, bring it all back Know you see me I know you see"
  • Lyfe Ghetto Superman
    "(Verse 1) Ha Ha Ha Ha Im Fine yo this yo boy ghetto superman aka lyfe aka dont got a wife wat up young blood wat up everybody talking bout living on capitol hill we living on a hill you know talkin bout"

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