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  • Paranormal sun (wersja angielska) - Paranormal
    "I hang around between two worlds every night I close my time in a single point to have my sight My senses dive in a silent sounds of memory To get across my thoughts to not to hope for sleep Dancing barefoot"
  • Robin Hooj - Wersja oryginalna - Nag
    "Robin Hooj chciał kupić kozaki Które kosztują całe cztery paki Zakwitły maki wyrosły stragany Nasz bohater wyruszył kupić sobie glany W najbliższym zamku niespodzianka Spotkał przed bramą znajomego punka Ten"
  • Last Bouquet (wersja ang.) - The GazettE
    "Hey, you are observing the emotions on my face like that To choose your words so you don't hurt me, right? "The reason to why we can't believe each other is... ?" Your fault? "Because I couldn't believe"
  • Maximum Impulse (wersja ang.) - The GazettE
    "Ding-dong, my heart, ding-dong, is beating. The symptom of outlawed action is dangerously hyper. Ding-dong shaking excites my brain. Buzzing in the ears, the ultrasound from hallucination It's so kinky"
  • Best Friends (wersja ang.) - The GazettE
    "As a child, I dreamt of the future Even now it doesn't fade, but is vivid as I look forward So that I'd grow, I'd hold the tears in as I watched the scenery I grew up with crush under time. I began to"
  • Calm Envy (wersja ang.) - The GazettE
    "I seem to sink into the sound of the falling rain. This promise is whose dream, who is this dream for? I want to see all of you. I want to love all of you. It's this way, isn't it? When our hands are"
  • Shichigatsu Youka (wersja ang.) - The GazettE
    "It's been two years since we broke up, but it still feels like it was yesterday Even though we're walking down different roads I still look towards your direction sometimes I can't say that I want things"
  • Sugar Pain (wersja ang.) - The GazettE
    "I still don't understand anything 15th time eyes black cherry* What shakes the fruit is undoubtedly your silhouette Even non-resisting I will become wet due to you black cherry What I'm looking for is"
  • Dream(ang. wersja Sen) - Turbo
    "Round there a thick fog Dream under an eyelid far from a day Around me the void People strange, people odd A state of unconsciousness Full of unwelcome guests Things secret, things eerie About those"
  • So What (wersja hiszpa - Pink (P!nk)
    "Na del Na del Na del Na del Na del Na del Na Na del Na del Na del Na del Na del Na Na del Na del Na del Na del Na del Na del Na Na del Na del Na del Na del Na del Na Conjeturo que acabo de perder a mi"

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