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  • Naked Cheese - Brotha Lynch Hung
    "Chorus x1 (Lynch) I run through ho's like pounds of weed sit a bitch on the curb and hit the 350(50) and all these years i cant believe somebody put they paws in my naked cheese. Thats why i... run through"
  • Bustaclip - Lil' Flip
    "Yeaahhh Yeaahhh Yeaahhh Let's take it back to the streets niggaaaaaaa East coast West coast Midwest To the dirty dirtttyyyy It's Flip Gates The #1 fly boy I'm strapped nigga Let's get it poppin' I got"
  • Rock Star - Ja Rule
    "Yeah, hehe Eh, uh, uh - here we go Yea, yea Murder Inc, uh, uh - classic shit Yea y'all I'm a rock star bay-bayyyyy (yea) Fuckin with these niggaz! Yeahhh, yea, yea, uhh I'm a rock star bay-bayyyyy If"
  • Plan B - Master P
    "-Check this out uhhhh -I mean -you ever had one of them gangsta relationships -I mean like, nobody don't have to gisnote I can be your nigga He can be you man You don't have to leave him Everybody"
  • Get It On Tonight (Remix) - Montell Jordan
    "(feat. LL Cool J) Def Jam baby Like a Mac could Def Soul I'm trying to figure out how I could make this happen, word up Get this money Shorty you musta lost my number Fell into a deep slumber You"
  • Now What - Capricorn
    "I want the beat to come in, aaah Wha-wha-whoa-whoa-whoa And make that shit bang like that old shit Like what Uhh He said "It's poppin at the club" Ya rollin down the strip on dubs I got the Cristal"
  • Champagne - Chris Rock
    "(feat. Freedom Williams) Yo man, R&B sucks! I mean there's a couple of people that can flow but for the most part, the genre sucks Just a bunch of people singin over rap beats Get a old rap record?"
  • More Trife Life - Mobb Deep
    "Yeah she'll take you out too kid. A rainy day layed up thinkin Sitting gettin bent Watchin old seventy flicks Minds on the slouch Back on the couch Heard the phone ring It was a shorty from uptown I met"
  • Revoir Un Printemps - Iam
    "{Refrain:} Comme quoi la vie finalement nous a tous embarqus, J'en place une pour les bouts de choux, frachement dbarqus A croire que jusqu' prsent, en hiver on vivait Vu qu'c'est le printemps, chaque"
  • Holla-Holliday - Digital Underground
    "All you got to do is follow the music And listen for the rhythm..listen for the rhythm Now here we go (HERE WE GO!) Come on (COME ON!) BOTTLES UP! It's a holla holiday PUT 'EM DOWN! Break me"

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