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  • Art Groupie - Grace Jones
    "I'll never write my memoirs, There's nothing in my book, The only way you see me an Art Groupie, I'm hooked. Some people like to be used, I've been used and amused, But that's the way I see me, My Art"
  • Mushroom Art - Guided By Voices
    "Living without you is difficult But our dead dreams awake In my mushroom art Do not observe her beauty Cloud-faced old man winking You see, he tests me He wants I should join him in gratitude For his"
  • Greater Art - Lake Of Tears
    "There is a land, a land of greater art But high mountains hide its heart The gods play there, a soft sound of harps And in the air shine silver stars There is a land, a land that mountains guard A land"
  • Junk Art - Glay
    "HEART BEAT SPEED=LOW DRUG KING WOMAN IN THE MIRROR JUNK ART Akogare wa LONDON POP Cychedellic to saken de mita kedo Hontou no koto wa dare mo shiranakute Barabara ni suru koto ga anata no bitoku to sururashii DANCE"
  • Art Beware - Ambrosia
    "(Puerta) Art beware. its all been done There's nothing new under the sun Yeah What a waste of my time So take heed of all new schemes Just variations on old themes Yeah How could I be so blind? It's"
  • Art Lover - The Kinks
    "Sunday afternoon there's something special It's just like another world. Jogging in the park is my excuse To look at all the little girls. I'm not a flasher in a rain coat, I'm not a dirty old man,"
  • Art Bitch - Cansei De Ser Sexy
    "My art is called egocentric-soft-porno Or maybe it's just narcisism... My one and only subject Goes from something like anything but Me-ism Wouldn't it be easier for beardsley? He could drop the paintings And"
  • Art Fails - The Motels
    "Life tears, Money screams, Love aches, Art fails But I don't want you to see me this way. They lied I cried You found what I could be not I don't want you to see me this way. See what you need, See"
  • My Art - Le Tigre
    "I don't care you sing such a winner's song. No I won't respond. My silence screams ha.ha. And you can call us wrong either way. It "just so happens" to us everyday. Oh I. I won't come undone. And if you"
  • Art School - The Jam
    "Anything that you wanna do, anyplace that you wanna go Don't need permission for everything that you want Any taste that you feel is right Wear any clothes just as long as they're bright Say what you want,"

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