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avici the nights

  • Lonely Nights - Trish Thuy Trang
    "Verse 1 Sometimes I feel so lost, so lonely. I think of you you're not around me. Sometimes I feel you're here beside me. But all I see, long lonely nights for you and for me. Chorus Another lonely night"
  • Caribbean Nights - Tony Christie
    "When you feel your world has gone And it's hard to carry on You just don't know what to do And it seems that nothing 's going right for you. Listen now to what I say You can change those blues away. Take"
  • American Nights - Bonfire
    "Comin' at me - like a speed train It's too late - to jump off the track Locomotion - red hot emotion I can feel it - breathing down my back I'm shakin' and I'm takin' so much I feel inside I'm achin'"
  • Cold Nights - Socialburn
    "on these cold nights the silence never helps it's just a wake up call, a wake up fall and i should've braced myself but what fun would that have been i would have missed out on feeling but i'm not gonna"
  • Scary Nights - G-Eazy
    "yeah shh, shh yeah scary nights in the city cut the light in the city they don’t wanna see the boys who come whit me they don’t wanna se us prosper they envy! writtin’ notes to mysllf ain’t no notary all"
  • Malibu nights - Tenacious D
    "KG: Yeah, but you didn't fuckin' come out with this o- JB: I got some lyrics. Malibu nights, tangerine dreams, Malibu neighs, Malibu dreams, Malibu, makin' a poo. Stinky poo, lookin'd view. Because it's"
  • 1000 Nights - Nickel
    "It took me quite some time It had to be just right When it came I knew I'd found the perfect gift For you A thousand nights like this A stale cigartetts kiss A drink you can't resist And in your head"
  • 29 Nights - Danni Leigh
    "A thousand miles, a month of emptiness, A million tears have been dried. I recall the look in your eyes When I told you goodbye. You said, darlin', you're making a big mistake, And you'll never see it"
  • Long Nights - Piebald
    "long nights, hard times everything that makes you feel tired i think i gotta get away from you long nights, hard times everything that makes you feel tired thats why i gotta get away from you got somethin"
  • Midsummer Nights - Kenny Rogers
    "Rain comes down on a misty bay Light on the water and she's coming my way To be fair she's only wearing a smile Ease all my trouble just by driving me wild And like moon don't function without the night We"

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