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basketball 2

  • 2 D - Jarabe De Palo
    "Hay dos 2 en la vida para los que no nac 2 momentos en la vida que no existen para m, ciertas cosas en la vida no se hicieron para m hay 2 das en la vida para los que no nac. El primero de esos das fue"
  • Noi 2 - Paolo Meneguzzi
    "L'alba ci sorprende Scivola su noi Bagna i nostri corpi Guardo gli occhi tuoi guardo gli occhi tuoi Nudi sulla spiaggia Soli io e te Sabbia sulla pelle Balla su di me balla su di me E' un fuoco Che brucia"
  • Boyfriend #2 - Pleasure P
    "Call me when ur nigga aint around...I don't mind being the dude on the side...Ya dig... turn around let me lick u from ur neck down to ur navel,Kuz shawty u look ready,Forget the bed I wanna lay ur body"
  • 2 Words - Kanye West
    "We in the streets player, get your mail It's only 2 places you'll end up, either dead or in jail Still nowhere to go...still nowhere to go Now throw your hands up bustless, bustas, boostas, hoes Everybody,"
  • Boyfriend #2 - The Poets
    "Every day you leav me here All alone, I feel the fear Oh, girl make your choice I wanna know, I wanna hear You said you were my friend Youd be whit me until the end You hurt my feelings and made me sad I"
  • 2 AM - Jeen O'Brien
    "Snow falls on the city White on white It's the color of hope On an unforgiving night You kissed me into ruins Sin on sin Now, I've gotta love your love letters written on my skin I can't tell the stars From"
  • Fryta 2 - Szogun
    "(REF.) Bum fryta(2) Fryta nie umyta Jestem wróżbita A kto błądzi ten mnie pyta (je) Bum fryta(2) Fryta nie umyta Jestem wróżbita A kto błądzi ten mnie pyta (je) (VERS 1) Fryta nieumyta długoszyjna tak"
  • 2 Much - Justin Bieber
    "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice evrywhere Maybe i stayed too much Maybe not long enough Funny how i forget to blink When you let your hair There’s like no ones there I am know i am where i am"
  • Voyager 2 - Virginia Coalition
    "I hear you clearly Though you're hardly in my view For I'll listen in the way in which you told me Hold them nearly, all these murmurs of the earth Pushing forth white waves when something hits the water And"
  • 2 Train - Mario
    "There's a baby girl (That I know) and she's so fine I meet her every day (After school) walk her to the train to spend some time Cause' what her papa don't know wont hurt me mama thinks that i'm a cutie she"

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