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  • Bed of roses - Damian Michael
    "Sitting Here Wasted and WoundedAt This Old PianoTrying Hard to CaptureThe Moment This Morning I Don't Know'cause a Bottle of VodkaIs Still Lodged in My HeadAnd Some Blond Gave Me NightmaresI Think She's"
  • Bed Of Roses - James Euringer
    "hey it's alright my life has never been a bed of roses this way's better for me hey it's alright my life has never been a bed of roses this way's better for me I don't care to live the life I've chosen anyway!"
  • White Satin Bed - Buck Owens
    "Hangin' on to every nickel and every dime Never had a dollar to call mine. I gotta work tomorrow Just to pay for the day Well, I worked all that I can stand Now I long for the day. Then I can sleep"
  • Breakfast In Bed - Teena Marie
    "I guess that you - got next to me Honey you were so persuasive I gave in much to easy Why you wanna come around here Boy looking so fine Let's talk about first impressions It was the lasting kind And I"
  • Bed of ashes - Bruce Robison
    "This bed of ashes, where I sleep Is covered in deep, and cold memories The walls that surround it, once held a flame Now this bed of ashes is all that remains I can barely recall at all The happy times"
  • Bed Of Nails - Spoons
    "I know a place that nobody knows In my wildest dreams I wake up I dont know where Ive been You take me away So far from here Where we dance all night long To the beat of a silent drum Were dancing on"
  • Bed And Breakfast - Peppermoon
    "C'est Londres, un aprs-midi Les rideaux tirs sur la pluie Moi je me sens jardin sauvage Et toi, un destin de feuillage Toi, tu ne portes qu'un soupon D'une insolence qui m'en dit long Et ma main, dans"
  • Bed Of Roses - Hinder

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