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  • Bite Down - Boyz N Da Hood
    "Me neither, I can't lie I'm still in the club Poppin' bottles with my niggas Drinkin' liquor, smokin' bud Shorty what it does My nigga what it do, Pop a bean, bite down, do a line or two Get drunk (get"
  • Teren Prywatny (feat. Dj Kaczy, prod. Markowe Bity) - Kerz / Buszi
    "Sekta projekt PROJEKT10 Teren mój Teren mój indywidualny Jak mój budżet manualny Dualizm Wypowiedziane słowo Detonujesz zapalnik Na pal wbitych słabych Tych co bez zasady Wszystkie zgłoszone składy Chcą"
  • Little Bits - Siobhan Donaghy
    "Verse 1 Truly, it's for real We all have to deal with shame Do we watch, do we ever stop Another drop everyday Here we are running round The circle's like a penny's round For revenge, we would say You"
  • Bite Back - The All-American Rejects
    "You couldn't break me in the end... (oh no) And such a freedom I enjoy When you're deaf to the sounds you trust If that was all you've got, my friend... (oh no) Then set yourself to disappoint Yeah..."
  • Bite You - Lene
    "Just cuz I have red hair That don't mean that I'm red down there Just cuz I like it rough That don't mean that I'm open to your stuff Just cuz I push things fast That don't mean you can tap that ass Here"
  • Neva Bite - B-Legit
    "Yeah, now this is here is something that you never ever in life do You know It goes down in my click the dogs they all simmer At the same time , 96 to the hard top brandy wine Gettin' mine in a big fashion 11"
  • Bite & chew - Backyard Babies
    "My baby girl she's mean to meShe a wrapped up little ladyBaby,can't you see?Bite?SwallowCan't live with?Nothing at allI bet you're proud of the things you've doneI bet you're proud when you rip my faceI"
  • They bite - Halou
    "It's not that i feel betrayed By the things that have been said It's just that i pick the wrong people To call my friends But the one thing i never expected Was something like this from you Now i will"
  • Snake Bite - Swollen Members
    "(Mad Child & Rattlesnake Jones) (Chorus x2) We want you, to take a good look at what we do Not the type that you can see right through Cause you never know what we might do, uh huh uh huh (Prevail) I"
  • The Bite - Comus
    "The wolf's lough eerie cracks the humid night air The rabbit freezes the fox in his lair The owl hoots shrilly searching the dark The moon white flangs through the trees tall and stark Who would emerge"

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