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bocoran buat pk 888 malam ini 16 mei 2019

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bocoran buat pk 888 malam ini 16 mei 2019
  • Meganoidi 02:16
    "Le strade erano interrotte, le stanze fredde, non proferimmo parola e restammo in coperta. A quel punto eravamo determinati, sicuri di portare a compimento il nostro patto. Non si trattava di immergersi"
  • Lagwagon May 16
    "No more waiting on them as you rise inside new rooms It's official you've gone you can live for no one else Man the guilt must be huge As there's no gain in failure you succeed at being mine Yeah, old"
  • Jack Off Jill Ugly 16
    "Only you Can make me feel this way Lonely when happiness agree He wanted to know me The happy amputee He's right I'm wrong and no one else agrees We wanted to know you The happy amputee Lonely Lonely Lonely,"
  • Catalepsy 11:16
    "As she drives, lay to sleep I hope you choke in your dream There is no turning back, Can you see what you've done? I seek vengeance For her blood I plot vengeance for blood. I see broken dreams through"
  • Roy Orbison 16 Candles
    "Happy birthday, happy birthday, baby Oh, I love you so Sixteen candles make a lovely light But not as bright as your eyes tonight (as your eyes tonight) (Oh) Blow out the candles, make your wish come true"
  • Muzyka Ko 16 sko
    "Szesnaście skończy w czerwcu śliczna dziewczyna; ma pustki w swoim sercu czeka na chłopca; z ostatnim była tydzień, tydzień może dwa, ten wierność jej obiecał za cenę dziewictwa za szybko chciał"
  • Hail The Villain 16 Cradles
    "Did not have a chance, fell into line Ill rot down here for the meantime Without a voice Ill never change I slide back down this slope again The second I began to see I had my eyes ripped out and fed to"
  • The National Conversation 16
    "I think the kids are in trouble Do not know what all the troubles are for Give them ice for their fevers You're the only thing I ever want anymore Live on coffee and flowers Try not to worry what the weather"
  • Rainie Yang Wan Mei Bi Li
    "gang kan wan dian ying you yue wo kan ye jing dong ji hen xian ming yao zhu yi ni bie po huai ni wo de wan mei bi li feng jing mei li wo que xin tiao bu ting jiu pa bei ni kan qing jia zhuang zhen ding tou"
  • Georg Danzer Jo Mei Liawa Augustin
    "Kaunst di no erinnern, heas'd An de goidene Zeit Wia ma gsuacht haum nach der Wahrheit Kaunst di no erinnern, heasd Wia ma augsoffen warn Und du woitest unbedingt no Autofahr'n Jo, mei liawa Augustin"

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