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  • Never Knowing How Or Why - The Boxer Rebellion
    "Pull us out of this One by one Wrapped up into your arms One by one Never knowing how or why we could disappear With white lights from the sky When all I want is here You say so many things That I want"
  • Keep Movin - The Boxer Rebellion
    "One by one I know we've seen some things That could've torn us apart, threaten what we've been And I've asked myself what could be more than this And if you left me tomorrow, it is all I know I'd miss But"
  • Diamonds - The Boxer Rebellion
    "Pretty little thing did you feel something Did you always want me to be something To mend a broken a heart From a Devil of shallow nonsense Turned your world upside down Whatever said that it'd mean something Whatever"
  • Rebelion - Britney Spears
    "You'll find it in rebellion You'll finally start breathing They're not believing what they're seeing 'Cause you're rebellion Be wary of others The ones closest to you (oh) The poison they feed you"
  • Birth Of A New Age (Holandia, Eurowizja 2021) - Jeangu Macrooy
    "Skin as rich as the starlit night Your rhythm is rebellion Your rhythm is rebellion Deep currents erunning in the rivers of your eyes Your rhythm is rebellion Your rhythm is rebellion They spat on your"
  • Song of an emigrant - Czesław Niemen
    "We have been kings since the day we came in. A ship filled with hopes and plans for the new beginning Well it did not turn out as a golden fortune But a song of an emigrant that sang out of tune. The"
  • Steal This Record - Suicide Machines
    "Neatly polished up package - Do you think you have it Just a product dressed to impress - Did you press a plastic abscess Is there anything left - Rhetoric uninspired theft It's all burning with nothingness"
  • Chemical youth - Queen Adreena
    "(We Are Rebellion)Lead me- the leftist cry as the right subsidesHear me- the media mouth is open wideSave me- success is our hunger we need to feedFree me- we will not lose to their anarchy!We are your"
  • Imposter - Caliban
    "imposter - i am the torch at the gateimposter - i am the switch in the grenadeimposter - i am the rush within the raidimposter - aren't we all set to detonate.the bulwarks have all shanties erased and"
  • Imposter - Calibre
    "imposter (chorus:) imposter - i am the torch at the gate imposter - i am the switch in the grenade imposter - i am the rush within the raid imposter - aren't we all set to detonate. the bulwarks have"

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