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brendan perry

  • If You Need Me, Call Me - Steve Perry
    "(Perry, Krampf, Haddad, Delacy) She said I want you to understand I'm not off to someone new I don't even have one waiting in the wings So, I mean, it's not like we're through, oh It's just I'm young,"
  • Young Hearts Forever - Steve Perry
    "(Perry, Magness) In the friendship of lovers Lives the joy of the heart And when trust is forsaken Our whole world falls apart And when the wind cries you're with me And tears say enough, then the song"
  • I Believe - Steve Perry
    "(Perry, Goodrum) If you feel love's an illusion I won't hold you down Do you feel you're lost in confusion With no hope to be found Stop before you start believin' That all our hope is gone Cause I know"
  • It's Only Love - Steve Perry
    "(Perry, Goodrum) Oh, you broke an old tradition Gave in to the flame You tell me I'm the reason You tell me I'm to blame You're sorry for the evening But nothing's wrong It's only love, it's only love Oh,"
  • Running Alone - Steve Perry
    "(Perry, Bettis) Looking down I watch the night Running from the sun Orphan stars and city lights Fading one by one Oh, sweet memories I call on you now Two too many hearts been broken Along this lonely"
  • Strung Out - Steve Perry
    "(Perry, Krampf) One very happy warm summer night I saw your face, what could I do So carefully I walked straight up to you And in the shadow of a moonlit night I saw those eyes a-shinin' through Heart"
  • Go Away - Steve Perry
    "(Perry, Goodrum) We meet again Right in the middle Of a love I knew before Another girl, she looks a lot like you I'm cruisin' many So are you That's the way we both should do I don't know why we had"
  • Summer Of Luv - Steve Perry
    "(Perry, Goodrum, Cuomo, Landau, Jackson, London) I know the reason Why love has a season It's summer time I was walking downtown and saw her, yeah The prettiest thing, yes I saw her, oh So I said you"
  • N'yot N'yow (The Pussycat Song) - Perry Como
    "This is the story 'bout Perry who came home late one night! Must have been about a two or three am, something like that! Gotta get me some sleep, he yawned as he turned out the light! Haaw!"
  • The First Christmas (1959 Version) - Perry Como
    "This is Perry Como . . . And I'd like to tell you the most wonderful, the most beautiful, The most exciting story in the whole world, The Story of the First Christmas! Now suppose you make believe"

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