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camptown races

  • Dreams - Bill Withers
    "Staring at shadows Calling them faces Characters in the stories in your mind They only live in your imagination And dreams, I say dreams Are good as the real thing sometimes Take a look at your hero Try"
  • Something's Got To Give - The Beastie Boys
    "I wish for peace between the races Someday We shall All be One *Why fight yourself* This one is called "rectify" There's something coming to the surface There's fire all around But this is all illusion I've"
  • No One Above - Michael Tolcher
    "I'm gonna let you in with some poetry we begin get loose while the record spins i could be your new best friend and then even more we could click no games, no lies, no tricks no problems we can't fix for"
  • My Journey To The Stars - Burzum
    "I Immaterialize And Slowly Drift Into the Unknown With the Cold Winds with Soul The Wintery Plains Lie Untouched I Ride on My Elements Towards the Stars Unseen A Quest For Knowledge In the Astral Luminous Stench"
  • Practice In Blue - Hot Water Music
    "i walked outside my door to find what i'm looking for a line a phrase a single word one truth that will help me stand wish i could fly run races in my head smoke's thick my eyes are bright red i stepped"
  • From Ignorance to Oblivion - Gorefest
    "Look the opposite way If someone explains his intentions Criticising is what you good At already formed your opinion Don't bother to understand That people have different ideas About the way they live"
  • Something's Got To Give (beastie Boys/caldato/nishita) - Beastie Boys
    "Beastie Boys Miscellaneous Something's Got To Give (beastie Boys/caldato/nishita) I wish for peace between the races Someday we shall all be one Why fight yourself This one's called rectify There's something"
  • Two Way Action - Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire
    "I have been driving all night Bathing in fluorescent light Of a western Tennessee gas station With a pack of two way action I'm subsisting on a fraction And I close my eyes and pretend I'm on vacation But"
  • Peoncito del mandiocal - Victor Jara
    "Tu cuerpito curvo, gurisito carpidor,manitos salados doblados sobre el terróncarpe nio, carpe, que anda cerca el capataz.La tierrra sedienta se agrieta en el mandiocalbajo el sol ardiente litoral.Pumba,"
  • I Don’t Want To Change You - Damien Rice
    "Wherever you are Well, know that I adore you No matter how far Well, I can go before you And if ever you need someone Well, not that you need helping But if ever you want someone I know that I am willing Oh"

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