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cheryl lynn
  • Loretta Lynn What Makes Me Tick
    "(Loretta Lynn) Gonna have my head examin' cause my mind's in bad shape The way that you've been actin' I think that you've gone ape The way I let you treat me it's enough to make me sick I'm gonna have"
  • Loretta Lynn You Ain't Woman Enough (To Take My Man)
    "(Loretta Lynn) You've come to tell me something you say I ought to know That he don't love me anymore and I'll have to let him go You say you're gonna take him oh but I don't think you can Cause you ain't"
  • Loretta Lynn Let's Get Back Down To Earth
    "(Loretta Lynn) Well this ol' world is a gettin' worse and worse every day People livin' up above their heads and makin' bills that they can't pay They're jealous of their neighbors and it's been like"
  • Vera Lynn It Hurts To Say Goodbye
    "Vera Lynn - It hurts to say Goodbye Take me in your arms and hold me tight, tell me that your love is mine tonight, say that everything will turn up right, it hurts to say goodbye. Let me know the thrill"
  • Loretta Lynn The Only Time I Hurt
    "(Loretta Lynn) Now, I know that I'll forget you 'Cause I forgot you a while ago And when I thought of you just now only one tear drip down slow. My mind is hard and twisted so and it hardly ever sleeks But"
  • Loretta Lynn Love L-O-V-E
    "(Loretta Lynn - Maggie Vaughn) L-o-v-e, l-o-v-e, love There couldn't be a bad word I haven't heard you say Don't you know the needs of any woman You speak words my ears have never heard of The only four"
  • Loretta Lynn Standing Room Only
    "(Billy Walker - Bill Carlisle - arr. Lortetta Lynn - F. Heighton) Standing room only not even room to kneel and pray Standing room only on the Judgement Day Last night I have an awful dream that the end"
  • Loretta Lynn Bargain Basement Dress
    "(Loretta Lynn) Well on a Friday night you draw your pay and you take in the town You leave me at home just to lose my mind for you are messin' around But it's four in the morning and you stagger in and"
  • Loretta Lynn Rated X
    "(Loretta Lynn) Well if you've been a married woman and things didn't seem to work out Divorce is the key to bein' loose and free so you're gonna be talked about Everybody knows that you've loved once"
  • Loretta Lynn You're Lookin' At Country
    "(Loretta Lynn) Well I like my lovin' done country style and this little girl would walk a country mile To find her a good ole slow talkin' country boy I said a country boy I'm about as old fashioned as"

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