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  • When To Say When & Chicago Freestyle - Drake
    "Aye , 33 years, I gave that to the game 33 mill, I save for the rain 5 hundred weeks, I fill the charts whit my pain 5 hundred mil and I fall back in the 6ix finally give you niggas the space you need"
  • Love For Sale - Dianne Reeves
    "Love for sale Appetizing young love for sale Love that's fresh and still unspoiled Love that's only slightly soiled Love for sale Who will buy? Who would like to sample my supply? Who's prepared to pay"
  • Hang Loose - Dreadlock Pussy
    "Do you think I want this to end? Or do you believe me mind is pure? Well sweet devil I have to tell you Youve been blocked your own back door I lose, this I admit All that time that youve spilled Was"
  • Drink It Don't Think It - Madison
    "and when you're all about yourself again, i'm sorry i must be tripping over something that i said come on you must have noticed (we could have done things different) i didnt try to hide this (we could"
  • Tired - Loraine McFarland
    "Verse 1 Here I go and then once again Rumors have already started Nothing ever ends And im getting a lil tired Of the he said she said I hate fake friends and Sick of people tryin to tell me What they"
  • Black boys on mopeds - Eskobar
    "Margareth Thatcher on TV Shocked by the deaths that took place in Beijing It seems strange that she should be offended The same orders are given by her I've said this before now You said I was childish"
  • Cold war - Faye Wong
    "How can I know that I am really embracing you in silence Like palpating a pile of mobile air Witnessing innumerable amounts of question marks kissed away by the Reticent you Can I only prevaricate myself?"
  • Love for Sale - Aretha Franklin
    "Love for sale Advertising young love for sale Who would like to pay the price for a trip to paradise? Love for sale Who will buy? Who would like to sample my supply? Who would like to climb the stairs? Who"
  • Throughout The Fields Of Unshaded Grace - Agathodaimon
    "Throughout the field Of unshaded grace Within the land Of the neverending sun With all the appropriate compliance I strive for the sunset For all time from now to then I can not free myself from the memory Warmth"
  • What Ever - Satanic Surfers
    "I have my opinions and I try to stick to them, call me childish if you want But I guess the concept of that depends on who sets the norm And if submitting to the expectations of our surrounding means growing"

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