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creedence clear water

  • I Can't Steer My Heart Clear Of You - Elton John
    "Take me for granted, I think that I could stand it After all these rough seas Left me reckless and abandoned Say the spirits willing, chance a new beginning Break down the cold front Give me peace and"
  • Water - Eric Burdon
    "This world is not for me I'll make a new one, wait and see Hopelessness has seized the land I will not beg, I will demand I will not give up And one day soon The truth will spill Into your sitting room Water,"
  • Water - Moe.
    "(Water, water) Give me the deed, drill the well, and run the line (Water, water) Chinatown...watch that celluloid shine (Water, water) Would you kill for a glass when the sand fills up your throat? (Water,"
  • Clear Day - Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions
    "It's so clear, day out It's so clear, day out It's so clear, day out It's so clear, day out Gonna find all your trouble Gonna send them away Gonna make you feel happy Gonna be what you say It's so clear,"
  • Water In The Well - Spirit Of The West
    "there's water in the well and the gate is always open there's wood out in the shed and the chimney's always smokin' the kettle's on the boil now and won't you stay for tea and help us with the garden and"
  • Water - Jack Garratt
    "Water, water wash Water wash over me, cool me down Cool me down Water, water leave Water leave through the valleys you wore down Wear me down Drown me in the water Drown me in the sea Lose me in the dark Drag"
  • Water - John Frusciante
    "Water inside We're all in water Water we climb and run through it Water inside We're all in water Reaching inside of a big death bag When you are through danger Ends are met and live Where they are happens"
  • Water - PJ Harvey
    "Water Walking Walking on water Walking Walking on for years and years and years Taking it into my head Living by the right lines Reading what the very man said Water I'm walking Walking on water Walking Walking"
  • Water - The Who
    "The foreman over there hates the gang, The poor people on the farms get it so rough, Truck drivers drive like the devil, The policemen they're acting so tough. They need water, Good water, They need water, And"
  • Nothing's Clear - Ill Nino
    "Fuck this place up! You know you're right, I'm just tired Correctando, burn our fire Esta fuerza es mi espada Trippin' on this, no se nada Anyway, nothing's clear, analyze what I fear Anyway, nothing's"

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