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damion davis

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damion davis
  • Linda Davis He Isn't My Affair Anymore
    "I guess she's doing something right I seldom see him out at night Sure isn't like it used to be Why should it mean a thing to me What makes you think that I would even care He isn't my affair I haven't"
  • Linda Davis Isn't That What You Told Her
    "You tell me you've never loved Anyone this way And my willing heart is falling deeper With every word you say But it's so hard knowing You're not even mine She came along before my time Though you promise"
  • Linda Davis Just Enough Rope
    "You me wrapped around your finger Like a yo-yo on a string Playing games with my heart And I can't do a thing You throw me down and then you snap me up I'm in the palm of your hand Why you get your kicks"
  • Linda Davis Love Happens
    "Just rocking along minding my business Stealing my share of midnight kisses It's a game we play But then one day Love happens Maybe she's a girl you've known forever Never thought twice about getting together Just"
  • Linda Davis The Boy Back Home
    "The first time she saw him he stood at home plate He knocked that curve ball almost out of state The crowd went wild He kinda smiled And her heart melted away The last time she saw him was at the airport"
  • Linda Davis Years After You
    "I don't know if I can explain it 'Cause there's really nothing different at all The sun still burns And the earth still turns And the winter still follows the fall I knew that it wouldn't be easy For my"
  • Linda Davis From Here To Him
    "A woman can only lean so long 'Til the sense of who she is is gone I had a man that I leaned on for years I know he thought I'd never leave And I never really did believe That I would ever get from him"
  • Linda Davis If I Could Only Be Like You
    "I know I haven't said the words The way I used to I should've made the time I know When I didn't know which way to turn I'd turn to you You always seem to know which way to go You know you always seem"
  • Linda Davis If Your Greener Grass Turns Blue
    "I had never even been outside the county line Unless you count the million times I left inside my mind In my day dreams I could see The way the luck would shine on me When I finally found the wings to"
  • Linda Davis In A Different Light
    "We talk as neighbors by the fence The seasons come and go We've grown a little closer Now that we both live alone But we only find the time to chat In the middle of our chores Oh I can't help but wonder"

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