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  • She Does It Right - Dr. Feelgood
    "(Wilko Johnson) If there's something that I like It's the way that woman walks And if there's something I like better It's the way she baby talks She does it right She does it right She works hard every"
  • How does it feel - Sweetbox
    "Remember me, that silly girl Gave all I had just to be in your world Now look at me, I'm not the same Don't look so mad 'cause a lot has changed, yeah - So you called 'cause you miss me You want me back"
  • That's What It Does - Ne-Yo
    "Thirty seconds before you turned on this song You was feeling something, something was wrong Now that it's on there's a smile on your face And whatever was wrong, it's faded away For the moment, the song"
  • How Does It Feel - MS MR
    "It feels like sinking in So unsure how to start, where to begin Distress hold the knife but I'm not afraid Love lost delinquents, I'll hold the blade Fright as your crutch Crimson turned white No inch"
  • Why Does She Stay - Ne-Yo
    "Why does she stay.......mmmmmmm Why does she stay......hey.....mmmmmmm Why does she stay......heyyy.....mmmmmmm....uh She hates that i dont do dishes Even though i mess up the most And she begs me"
  • Why Does It Hurt - Hot Snakes
    "What are you used to, babe? What do you prefer? Your head is on the mend, babe Why does it hurt? Ain't had no sleep You been on your feet You been on call You been at the foot of your bed All rolled up"
  • How Does It Go - Ricky Nelson
    "I heard about a song that fills your heart with happiness A special kind of song that only lovers know I'm told that melody will take away the loneliness Oh how does it go, oh how does it go Before I"
  • How Does It Feel? - Token
    "Somehow it's plain to see that you care for me but there's no one there to set you free You know it's different now When we've changed our sides How Does It Feel? when love is gone? (Now tell me how"
  • A Woman Does Too - Alice Peacock
    "A man has his dream He hopes he prays He laughs he cries A man tries his best Sometimes he falls A man does what he has to do And a woman does too A mand wants to love With all his heart He's not afraid A"
  • Does Your Mother Know - B*Witched
    "You're so hot teasin' me so you're blue but I can't take a chance on a chick like you that's somethin' I couldn't do There's that look in your eyes I can read in your face that your feelings are drivin'"

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