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dreadlook holiday

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dreadlook holiday
  • Cliff Richard Summer Holiday
    "We're all going on a summer holiday no more working for a week or two fun and laughter on our summer holiday no more worries for me and you for a week or two We're going where the sun shines brightly we're"
  • The Kinks Holiday Romance
    "On the subway train he sees adverts for holidays in Jamaica, a weekend in Rome, a cruise round the Mediterranean, and dreams of a quiet week in a little seaside resort away from his wife, the ducks"
  • Stereo Total Holiday inn
    "When you look into my eyesI feel like in paradiseLet's go to a Holiday InnnAnd I will show you somethin'That you never saw beforeAnd you'll like it more and moreIt's a particularityA little bit strange"
  • Ali Lohan Lohan Holiday
    "Let me take you on a Lohan holiday winter wonderland thats so so far away dont have to go no where just let your mind escape come ona journey to this Lohan holiday Magic within magic christmas land Fictional"
  • Elvis Presley Harem Holiday
    "Gonna travel, gonna travel wild and free I'm gonna pack my bags because this great big world is calling me Every pretty girl's gonna know I'm around They're gonna know I'm in town on a harem holiday Twenty"
  • Real Mckenzies Pagan Holiday
    "Now get the torches burnin' 'Cos the season is returnin' We'll breathe the air of a thousand years In the fog and the moon and the wind and the rain It's a pagan holiday It's a pagan holiday It's"
  • Pixies Holiday Song
    "Well, sit right down my wicked son, And let me tell you a story About the boy who fell from glory, And how he was a wicked son. This ain't no holiday, but it always turns out this way. Here I am with"
  • Perry Como Dreamer's Holiday
    "Climb aboard a butterfly, An' take off on the breeze, Let your worries flutter by, An' do the things you please, In a land where dollar bills, Are fallin' off the trees, On a dreamer's holiday! "
  • Nekromantix Bloody Holiday
    "Running through the night the moon is shining bright (whoa) yeah man trap I wanna get away I wanna leave this town its evil I can tell ooooh what a bloody holiday ooh what a bloody bloody saw my holiday"
  • Zoot Woman Holiday Home
    "Put all our cards away Read the look on your face All other games we play Break the chain Cos it's a holiday home Two minutes too far away What can you tell the other one Dirty fiction can you call my"

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