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dunk dumont

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dunk dumont
  • Tech N9ne Millieum Mitch
    "Cruisin down the speck with who? Texas X and neck gets with a sex kid and check out the best bitch but her niggas on some next shit cause she tested Techs' dick for breakfast stress hits don't miss dick"
  • Crack The Sky A Night On The Town (With Snow White)
    "A night on the town with you We'll start with dinner here It's tacos for two A little candlelight and a lot of cheer I'll help you clean this mess up Then we're out of here Gee, you look swell and"
  • Crime in Stereo Amsterdamned!
    "We're all going to hell, and I mean that in the best possible way. For the second time in my young life I put holes in hopes the size of days. There's a new scene rising through these streets and"
  • Artificial Joy Club Sick And Beautiful
    "All the world's your ashtray I'm just your Marlboro. Light me up then butt me You're sick and beautiful. It's Bambi meets Godzilla, a 3D free for all. Set me up then stomp me, you're sick and beautiful."
  • Rusted Root Heaven
    "Ain't nothin like a bird in play to tickle my beard today, work this way to sensuate my lips, oh dear it's my very first kiss, to call upon the sermon today, yes to call upon these words to say ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...Lord"
  • Goon Moon Apple Pie
    "Hear the sparrow, sing the song See the clouds, the setting sun. Feel the breeze blow through your hair Dream of me and I'll be there Count the sheep above your head The end is near, we are the dead Smell"
  • Jade Valerie Crush
    "You got me feeling like a high school crush I know I talk too much, but for you I'll hush Got me obsessed, from your head to your tush No need to tease, just give me the push What you doing to me You"
  • No Doubt Ill Throw My Toys Around
    "by No Doubt feat. Elvis Costello Gwen Stefani - Elvis Costello - Gwen Stefani & Elvis Costello I've got no time for fairy stories I'm not a little girl So you can leave me all alone And turn off the lights"
  • Artificial Joy Club Sick & Beautiful
    "All the world's your ashtray, I'm just your Marlboro Light me up then butt me, you're sick and beautiful It's Bamby meets Godzilla, a 3D free for all Set me up then stomp me, you're sick and beautiful You're"
  • Zebrahead I am
    "What the fuck is going on? Let me set it straight on the topics that I'm flowing on. Like Chuck D, Public Enemy to the Nation. Or call me Busta' Rhymes cause that's my occupation. Hip Hop make your body"

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