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ekstra klasa kama sutra

  • Sextown U.S.A. - Sparks
    "Drop the goody-goody look and put on your shoes Because I'm gonna recommend a little somethin' for you (Oh yeah) Grab your little Lulu or your Sally or Sue And take her out to that Metropolis without"
  • Gary And Melissa - King Missile
    "Gary and Melissa John S Hall/Dave Rick from the King Missile album Mystical Shit on Shimmy Disc Gary and Melissa Loved to make love Loved to make love Loved to make love to each other Over and over"
  • Backseat Bushwhack - Avenue D
    "Fuck me at the parkinglot, Fuck me at McDonalds A cheeseburger I'll eat, And my tits and ass you'll fondle Fuck me at the laundromat, Against the machine, There's still another hour, 'til my panties are"
  • Animal - Trey Songz
    "I like it! I ain;t gonna lie But, baby, you get pretty wild, Girl When you take it off Take it off When days turn to night That’s when you show your other side With all those freaky thoughts Freaky thoughts You"
  • Wiadomka - Hop Kids
    "Pełno nas w szedzie w każdym momęcie,nigdzie nie spojrzysz jesteśmy my.Na każdym ekranie czas nagle stanie,zostanie napis Hop Kids.To jest nasza kraina dla wolności,nasza kraina dla radości,nasza kraina"
  • Wiadomka - Hop-Kids
    "Pełno nas w szedzie w każdym momęcie, nigdzie nie spojrzysz jesteśmy my. Na każdym ekranie czas nagle stanie, zostanie napis Hop Kids. To jest nasza kraina dla wolności, nasza kraina dla radości, nasza"
  • What Do You Want From Life? - The Tubes
    "What do you want from life? To kidnap an heiress Or threaten her with a knife? What do you want from life? To get cable TV And watch it every night? There you sit, a Lump in your chair Where do you sleep And"
  • Punjab Paddy - Gaelic Storm
    "I said farewell to Erin, only seven years ago, When asked where I was headed, I said: Jaysus, I dunno!? I stepped ashore near Bangalore, not a tosser in me hand, By the time I hit Darjeeling, I was feeling"
  • Have I Got a Girl For You - Stephen Sondheim
    "JENNY: Bobby... PETER: Bobby... AMY: Bobby baby... PAUL: Bobby bubi... JOANNE: Robby... SUSAN: Robert, darling... ALL: Bobby, we've been trying to reach you... SARAH: Angel, I've got something to tell"
  • Walk now, talk now - Day One
    "About 2 o' clock I left the party I'd been drinking red wine and talking hardy So I walked to the bus stop and looked over the city Said hello to the man sitting there but he didn't hear me So it's me"

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