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  • Eldorado - ELO
    "Here it comes another lonely day Playing the game, I'll sail away On a voyage of no return to see If eternal life is meant to be And if I find the key to the eternal dream. The painted ladies of the Avalon Play"
  • Here Is The News - ELO
    "Here is the news Coming to you every hour on the hour, (Here is the news) The weather's fine, but there may be a meteor shower. Here is the news, A cure's been found for good old rocket lag, (Here is"
  • 21st Century Man - ELO
    "A penny in your pocket Suitcase in your hand They won't get you very far Now you're a 21st century man. Fly across the city Rise above the land You can do most anything Now you a 21st century man. Though"
  • Hold On Tight - ELO
    "Hold on tight to your dream, yeah Hold on tight to your dream, yeah When you see your ship go sailing When you feel your heart is breaking Hold on tight to your dream. It's a long time to be gone Oh,"
  • Hello My Old Friend - ELO
    "Early morning day is dawning Cooling towers and factory gates Dirty streets and laughing people Skinny dogs and beer crates Hello my old friend Hello my old friend Sad canals green black water Somewhere"
  • Mandalay - ELO
    "I traced the footsteps through the multi-colored avenues That wind their way down to the sea I see the birds that fly beneath the darkened sky They are the messengers of dreams Mandalay, now i know what"
  • Buildings Have Eyes - ELO
    "Pretty pretty are the girls as they go by Chilly chilly is the air under moonlit sky The windows watch you as you walk along And the streets lead back to where you started from Chorus: the cities watching"
  • A Matter Of Fact - ELO
    "Don't know why It's the strangest thing It's no lie Don't know what's happening Chorus: i know that you know that It's a matter of fact I know that you know that It's a matter of fact Don't want to"
  • Waterfall - ELO
    "So now it's getting late for those who hesitate, got no one, But they don't understand and no one hears the sound. It's like a waterfall; it's an illusion. Love is all, waterfall, love is what you are, Pulls"
  • Evil Woman - ELO
    "You made a fool of me, But them broken dreams have got to end. Hey, woman, you got the blues 'Cause you ain't got no one else to use There's an open road that leads nowhere, So just make some miles between"

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