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  • The River Sings - Enya
    "Our words go beyond the moon. Our words go into the shadows. The river sings the endlessness. We write of our journey through night. We write in our aloneness. We want to know the shape of eternity. Who"
  • Long Long Journey - Enya
    "City lights shine on the harbour, Night has fallen down, Through the darkness And the shadow I will still go on. Long, long journey Through the darkness, Long, long way to go; But what are miles Across"
  • Sumiregusa (Wild Violet) - Enya
    "Mono no aware Murasaki iro no hana To fuyu mo kuyuky Harahara Shizn no bi kana Ah! Midori no ha to Aki no iro Kaze no koe Tori no saezuri Kanashii umi Yorokobino umi Yama Koishi Ayameghusa Translation: Wild"
  • Someone Said Goodbye - Enya
    "Summer. When the day is over There's a heart a little colder; Someone said goodbye, But you don't know why. Somewhere there is someone keeping All the tears they have been weeping, Someone said goodbye, But"
  • A Moment Lost - Enya
    "It's only now when words are said That break my heart in two, I wonder how you can endure All I've said, all I say to you. How strong, how brave, how true of you To bear the hurt I gave. I know it tears"
  • Water Shows The Hidden Heart - Enya
    "From the City of Constellations to the wanderer and a Place of Rains he journeys on... ...the City of hesitation and doubt the Island of the house of the colour of the sea the Plain of Mementoes he journeys"
  • Aniron (Theme For Aragorn And Arwen) - Enya
    "O mor henion i dhu: Ely siriar, el sila Ai! Aniron Undomiel Tiro! El eria e mor I 'lir en el luitha 'uren. Ai! Aniron... From darkness I understand the night Dreams flow, a star shines Ah! desire"
  • May It Be - Enya
    "May it be an evening star Shines down upon you May it be when darkness falls Your heart will be true You walk a lonely road Oh! How far you are from home Mornie utulie (Darkness has come) Believe and"
  • Wild Child - Enya
    "Ever close your eyes Ever stop and listen Ever feel alive And you've nothing missing You don't need a reason Let the day go on and on Let the rain fall down Everywhere around you Give into it now Let"
  • Only Time - Enya
    "Who can say where the road goes Where the day flows, only time And who can say if your love grows As your heart chose, only time Who can say why your heart sighs As your love flies, only time And who"

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