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  • End Of Nothing - Funeral For A Friend
    "Killing you, Might be the only chance I have, Of recovery But i know its oh severe So you know it would be The punishment It fits the crime So lets take this knife and run it down your chest, does"
  • Stereo Superstar - Babylon Zoo
    "Weird-lookin' people, they seem all right Nobody's drivin' tonight Beautiful people (Beautiful people) Strangers that meet us, they seem all right Somebody tell me why, maybe tonight (Maybe tonight) All"
  • Kenhoe - Less Than Jake
    "Ideals are like opinions and beliefs just like tradition Sometimes both are not enough Faded stickers and crumpled flyers They've become the reminder that there's an anthem in us that fits the flag we've"
  • Head Against The Sky - Eisley
    "Sleep with your head against the sky tonight I can't count how many times you have made me cry I marvel at the way your hair glows in the light There's one who cares for me today There's one who cares"
  • My Car Makes Me Sin - Silage
    "here we go ha ha ha pick it up whoa whoa here we go ha ha ha pick it up whoa whoa i can't wait and trade it in and leave it with a grin i can't wait to get my wings and leave those dents and dings my"
  • Canvas Of History - Comecon
    "Concrete turns moisture Deflated tankers Liquid steelyards All angles collapse And it fits into a circle that starts to revolve From Hoover Dam to Dnyeproges all structures dissolve ON THE CANVAS OF"
  • Loose Nut - Black Flag
    "Loose nut in my head Loose nut rattling my skull Crying for a human touch Or anything that'll reach my soul *(x2) Loose nut in my head A bolt of lightning between my legs I can't think straight my mind's"
  • Sea Song - Dune
    "You look different every time You come from the foam - crested brine It's your skin shining softly in the moonlight Partly fish, partly porpoise Partly baby sperm whale Am I yours? Are you mine to play"
  • Ghostship - Menomena
    "Majesty Her majesty sails across the sea And there's a new theory for each passing week For each covered up case of doublespeak And I've got a feeling we are counting sheep We're in over our heads This"
  • Bender - Big D And The Kids Table
    "I'm going on a bender this weekend I'm gonna get real drunk I'm not going to be able to speak And I'll pass out on my floor, I won't be able to answer the door. She said, "you only like me because I"

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