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flo rida - i dont like it i love it

  • I Think I Like It - Boston
    "(Scholz, J. English) Somethin' changin' for me inside Took a long time Now there's nothin' for me to hide I say what's on my mind Changes, makin' me see the light I finally see wrong from right Now I"
  • I Like It Like That - Smokey Robinson
    "Maybe you want to give me kisses sweet But only for one night with no repeat Maybe you'd go away and never call And a taste of honey is worse than none at all (oh little girl) Chorus: Oh little girl, in"
  • I like it like that - Dave Clark Five
    "I've got to have a reason I got to have a reason I got to have a reason why You're walkin' out on me There's somethin' on your mind But you won't tell me Mmm, tell me why you're cryin' And I will help"
  • Birtday - Flo Rida
    "I dont want no cake on my birthday,I want my cake errday I gone be honest tomorrow aint promised thats why i say thisHere today then you gone like rentin a car from avisHurts but its the truth you ??"
  • I Dont Like Drugs - Marilyn Manson
    "In space the stars are no nearer They just glitter like a morgue And I dreamed I was a spaceman Burned like a moth in a flame And our world was so fucking gone But I'm not attached to your world Nothing"
  • I Dont Know How To Love Him - Helen Reddy
    "KEEP ON SINGING Helen Reddy (Keep on singing don't stop singing) (You're gonna be a star some day) (You're gonna make a lot of people happy) (When they come to hear you play) I don't remember mama She"
  • It Felt Like Love - Jo O'Meara
    "Oh Felt Like love Hey I Know its Wrong I'm Wide Awake But Your Talking To Straight To My Heart I Know In Life It Can Be Unfair And Its Tearing My World Apart But Baby You Can Call Anytime You Want"
  • Rush Love - Flo rida ft Dawn Richard
    "Dawn Richard: Na na na na(repeat) You moving to fast You asking to much You cant rush love We only just meet Why you gott rush You cant rush love Its started always like benefit But get get a pain"
  • I Love It - Nobodys
    "Acting like a jerk. I never have to work. Going to the show. Playing rock-n-roll, yeah. I love it. You know i love it. I f**king love it. That's right i love it. Traveling around the world. Meeting other"
  • I Love It - Sneaky Sound System
    "It's been a long time coming my heart is aching I'm waiting to hear that we're okay don't know what to say I'm shaking feels like, I'm breaking and I'm not so sure if it's just a phase I love it when"

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