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floyd cramer

  • Burning Bridges - Pink Floyd
    "Bridges burning gladly, Merging with the shadows, Flickering between the lines. Stolen moments floating softly on the air, Born on wings of fire and climbing higher. Ancient bonds are breaking, Moving"
  • The Gold It's In The... - Pink Floyd
    "Come on, my friends, Let's make for the hills. They say there's gold but I'm looking for thrills. You can get your hands on whatever we find, Because I'm only coming along for the ride. Well, you go your"
  • The Post War Dream - Pink Floyd
    "tell me true tell me why was Jesus crucified is it for this that daddy died? was it for you? was it me? did i watch too much t.v.? is that a hint of accusation in your eyes? if it wasn't for the nips being"
  • Your Possible Pasts - Pink Floyd
    "they flutter behind you your possible pasts some brighteyed and crazy some frightened and lost a warning to anyone still in command of their possible future to take care in derilict sidings the poppies"
  • Heroes Return - Pink Floyd
    "Jesus Jesus what's it all about trying to clout these little ingrates into shape when i was their age all the lights went out there was no time to whine and mope about and even now part of me flies over dresden"
  • Gunners Dream - Pink Floyd
    "floating down through the clouds memories come rushing up to meet me now in the space between the heavens and in the corner of some foreign field i had a dream i had a dream goodbye max goodbye ma after"
  • Paranoid Eyes - Pink Floyd
    "button your lip don't let the shield slip take a fresh grip on your bullet proof mask and if they try to break down your disguise with their questions you can hide hide hide behind paranoid eyes you put"
  • Wots...Uh The Deal - Pink Floyd
    "Heaven said the promised land Looks allright from where I stand Cause I'm the man on the outside looking in Waiting on the first step Show where the key is kept Point me down the right line because it's"
  • Childhood's End - Pink Floyd
    "You shout in your sleep. Perhaps the price is just too stepp. Is your conscience at rest if once put to the test? You awake with a start to just the beating of your heart. Just one man beneath the sky, Just"
  • Stay - Pink Floyd
    "Stay and help me to end the day. And of you don't mind, We'll break a bottle of wine. Stick around and maybe we'll put one down, Because I wanna find what lies behind those eyes. Midnight blue burning"

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