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good luck

  • Good Is Good - Sheryl Crow
    "Good is good and bad is bad You dont know which one you had She put your books out on the sidewalk Now theyre blowing round They wont help you when youre down Loves on your list of things to do To bring"
  • Better Luck Next Time, Prince Charming - Alesana
    "Shadows dance around me as i race alone I will never rest until she's in my arms So close and yet so far away... A simple kiss to bring her back, to make this story end Not all knights in shining armor"
  • Luck Be a Lady (From "Guys and Dolls") - Barbra Streisand
    "They call you lady luck But there is room for doubt At times you have a very un-lady like Way of running out Your on a date with me The pickings have been lush And yet before this evening is over You might"
  • Tuff Luck - Ozark Mountain Daredevils
    "(GUITARS & BASS INTRO) well, I'm street-wise, I'm country slick if I go down in the flood, I'm gonna come up quick and I'm a rough ride in my pick-up truck if I break down I'm gonna yell tuff luck tuff"
  • Lady Luck - Jamie Woon
    "Lady luck ain't playing on my side Lady luck ain't smiling down Lady luck don't care about my pride Lady luck lays it down I get this feeling I can dream tonight I've been seeing all the signs A dream"
  • Lady Luck - Journey
    "(Perry/Schon/Valory) Roll the dice, roll them twice. My, my can you spare a dime? Ooh, snake eyes, the lady flies. My, my, my She's so hard to find. Ooh, lady luck, yeah, lady luck. Ooh, my lady luck,"
  • Lotsa Luck - Allan Sherman
    "When you're driving through the desert And your car runs out of gas Lotsa luck, pal, lotsa luck When you try to stop some strangers They will holler as they pass Lotsa luck, pal, lotsa luck So you walk"
  • Lotsa Luck - Sherman Allan
    "+Lotsa Luck When you're driving through the desert, and your car runs out of gas, Lotsa luck, pal, lotsa luck. When you try to stop some strangers they will holler as they pass, Lotsa luck, pal, lotsa"
  • Bad Luck - Albert King
    "Hey, I wanna tell you about my troubles I've had just about every bad luck a man can have In my moving around, I've played all over the world And just about every town Anywhere I play, they wanna know"
  • Hard Luck - Undertones
    "Hey - hey - hey You come up to me Saying that you can see Whilst your in a hole Your useless Say you're not a friend Drives you round the bend Everything you does Is success Haven't you been told You will"

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