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  • Master Of Disaster - Metallica
    "You should run away, when you see me play I'm the source of all destruction Veins that pump with fear, You better not get near All I do is wreck constructions Come near me and you'll see You should run"
  • The Ad-dressing of Cats - Cats Soundtrack
    "Cats Soundtrack Miscellaneous The Ad-dressing of Cats DEUTERONOMY: You've heard of several kinds of cat And my opinion now is that You should need no interpreter to understand our character You've learned"
  • Summer In Paradise - Beach Boys
    "Beach Boys Summer In Paradise Summer In Paradise Way back when well our master plan Was havin' fun fun fun as america's band Well we came out rockin' with rhonda and barbara ann Singin' of surf and sand Now"
  • Trouble (Eve Of Destruction) - Blackalicious
    "{mc's are in..} Ripping you to shitzo Get you on your tiptoes I'm a drama dropper stomping all up in your zipcode Schizophrenic your panniced running from my epilogue Rap is like an insect crushed"
  • Get Off Ya Kneez - Canibus
    "(Hook) Get Off Ya Knees! Change your style cause its time Nigga's want me to rhyme pre-99 No-one can flow with Bis, Most people notice But others just won't admit, They can't get over it Rhymes"
  • Testimonial (Intro) - Diddy
    "I need y'all to hear me out there Can y'all hear me out there? Uhh Through blocks and boroughs, cops is plottin Snakes slither while hustlers chop they product Foreign cars exotic, got hoes hypnotic While"
  • Filmoe - Jam & Spoon
    "They say they want me locked up or dead in the dirtThey got me ballin' spendin' dollars tryin' to get me off erkCause me and my cold click we come real shit, we got to workAnd money ain't a thing, we dealin'"
  • Billy The Theme Park Shark - The Arrogant Worms
    "I'm a shark, I'm a shark, A killer of the ocean, I'm a shark, I'm a shark, And silently I strike. I'm a shark, I'm a shark, I'm dumber than a tree, I only have three thoughts and they are: eat, swim,"
  • Black Royalty - Bronze Nazareth
    "(Intro: Bronze Nazareth) Yeah... (all our ghetto children) Black Royalty, kid... Soak your soul in it, baby... We had many questions (we love ya'll) Black Royalty, yo, yo (Bronze Nazareth) Royal golden,"
  • So wassup - Gang Starr
    "So wassup? You know we can't be havin that Son there's rules you're supposed to go by, and this is my habitat You say you're R-E-P-R-E, S-E-N-T-I-N-G You're fronting boy, come against me You're crazy soft"

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