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i am kloot some better day

  • Some Days - Dallas Crane
    "I'm not a well known man I shake no golden hand If I told you that I did I lied No I've never seen the light in front of me But I might some day Can't play sugar dad Got no cash for that Won't meet god"
  • Save some - Glacier Hiking ft. Ryan Tedder
    "Wont you save some for me (3x) When I imagined, your life before me When I imagined, your life before me Its not the fact that you slept with someone before me Its the fact that some dude shares your history (Wont"
  • Some Morning - Sergio Mendes
    "Morning Gently I'm awakened If I'm not mistaken Spring is on the way First Flight A picture perfect sunlight No ordinary morning Must be my lucky day In the quiet I hear a stirring I am not"
  • Some Things - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
    "Verse One On the 8th of November, I remember telling her that we'd be together forever But things have changed, now re rearranged we are now no longer together It was the way she spoke,my heart broke"
  • Some Jack - Master P
    "Verse 1 Hit the block sideways with the lights off On 23rd a young bitch about to get tossed Straight jocking the triple golds I was rolling on Car full of smoke as I tried to get my perk on Straight"
  • Some Shit - Lady Of Rage
    "Aight Alright so, am, turn my mic up, turn my headphones up, somethin I'm not... Yo, can you hear it, yet? Can't hear it right You can't hear yet? Nah, nah turn it up Yo Alright Premier So... Yeah? So,"
  • Wolf Am I! (And Shadow) - Me Without You
    "It's the smell of hot summertime trash It's the city noise of a busy street It's a train derailed and a two car head on freeway crash Each time we meet "And if it comes as some sort of a surprise", she"
  • Better - Jason Mraz
    "it's something like i apologize it's something i still can't decide but i know it gets better it only gets better and i want to say that it's not always easy but it's simple that way and i want to"
  • Better - Helmet
    "get it right my last word sins i taste it now omission wins for keeping down my better side i still ignore and try to hide so get out the easy word will never slip i brought it down to take the lip don't"
  • Better - Boyzone
    "Our love has changed It's not the same And the only way to say it is say it..it's better I can't conceal This way I feel For all the times we spend together Forever just gets better Seem what I'm try"

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