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  • In The Dead Of Night - Snuff Pop Inc.
    "I can't live with you I can't live without your body So let me hang out in you WAtch me feed my vanity So put your freehold aside And let's be a mutual compromise Just to honour the pride we choose to"
  • Snuff Box - Snuff Pop Inc.
    "It was just another day when I went out for prey And I came across Cindy in the street walking way She was busy as a rat but I told her to stay I said: DOODLE ON THIS PAPER IF YOU WANT REAL PAY! After"
  • The Premature Rape Concern - Snuff Pop Inc.
    "They couldn't kill that state of mind So now they go for the access instead And the more they go, the more they show The pre-mature sex bomb's about to blow We will split your ear drums like we split"
  • Tutti - Snuff Pop Inc.
    "Starved out, sewed up, reduced to a walking hall stand Patronized, commercialized, self esteem demoralized Drop out, raze your soul Burn your bridges, set the world on fire! Clone lover, cash grubbber Drain"
  • Black Wings - Inc.
    "if every life deserves to die in the dirt but covered in white like her legs when they open wide like her legs when they open wide it was black it was never white it was black it was never white black"
  • The Place - Inc.
    "At first hold me by her side I know I have to try You’ll be my best because I saw you I know it’s something new Way I feel might as look That is why I’m at my best It’s here like you already know It’s"
  • Sweet Surrender - Milk Inc
    "So many things she never said, Were there too many people fighting in your head Sometimes in love we all regret That's when the bruises show and you know your love is dead Heaven knows it's sweet surrender Hope"
  • Inside Of Me - Milk Inc
    "Come on dance with me. Inside of me. Come on baby... Come on dance... If you wanna dance with me, Don't be shy just follow me. But you'd better think twice baby, what you get is what you see. Come on"
  • Forever - Milk Inc.
    "Seems like yesterday Was a game we played Or a scene from a movie Can't we freeze the frame Can't we pause the game Can't you always be with me Am I running out of time? Am I really losing my mind? Am"
  • Go To Hell - Milk Inc.
    "It's too late To say You're sorry - you're sorry It's too late To say that time will tell Go to hell, bye-bye Go to hell It's too late to cry Go to hell, bye-bye 'Cause you let our fire die Here I am Standing"

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