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iron maiden number

  • Cast Iron - Superchunk
    "Cast Iron You think see everything with those glasses My eyes the color of molasses All you have to do is ask is all And I'll tell you I'll tell you from my front porch I'll tell you from my cast iron"
  • Iron Fist - Sodom
    "(Cover : Motorhead) Dark night nothing to see Invisible hand in front of me Scared to death there's some one near Scared to move but you can't stay here You know me, evil eye You know me, prepare to"
  • Iron & stone - Foo Fighters
    "Made the sinners cry He oped up his sky The rivers ran with blood The deserts name was love Said who can not be saved Soul of a man is much depraved Don't act as if you are his clone Made of iron and of"
  • Iron Prayers - Stormwarrior
    "Darknesse surroundes you, it filles the skye The moon gives the only rays of lighte Barbaric roars calle you to fighte Salvation awaits you tonighte Maniacs assemble in the halles of steele One withe the"
  • Incense & Iron - Powerwolf
    "Follow the dead In the dark of damnation Pious in head And a demon at heart Sworn to the night An evangelist nation Born under the sign of the dark Gather the wild Form the horde of the brave men Brothers"
  • Iron Eagle - Jag Panzer
    "Throughout the ages war has brought forth change A promise for our children's sake Tyrants and their visions build us walls of fear The price of these walls are lives at stake A change of seasons causes"
  • Iron Sky - Paolo Nutini
    "We are proud individuals Living for the city But the flames Couldn’t go much higher We find God and religions to To bait us with salvation But no one, no nobody Can give you the power To rise Over love Over"
  • Iron Heads - Running Wild
    "One night they see light, Horizon is filled up with flames Destroying all the towns They left only dead and empty plains Invaders are coming from space To destroy the whole human race Fire on the cities"
  • Iron Man - NOFX
    "I am iron man! Has he lost his mind? Can he see or is he blind? Can he walk at all or if he moves will he fall? Is he alive or dead? Has he thoughts within his head? We'll just pass him there Why"
  • Iron Gang - Voivod
    "We're always going fast When it's time to make it high Don't listen to this scrap Tonite your gonna fight Iron gang comes hear Metal noise is near The final assault crushes the crowd And the bestials"

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