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jamal lyon

  • Stack-O-Lee - Champion Jack Dupree
    "Stagger Lee and Billy Lyon, they was gamblin' in the dark Stagger Lee told Billy, Billy Lyon let's take a walk Stagger Lee won Billy Lyon's money, and he took Billy Lyon's stetson hat Billy Lion said"
  • Tokyo - White Lies
    "call Tokyo call New York it’s just the same different love call Jupiter, call Lyon find the right and find the wrong go breathe it walk your walk come back when you’re ready to talk but heart ringing take"
  • Kon - Lube
    "Vyjdu noch'yu v pole s konem Nochkoj temnoj tiho pojdem My pojdem s konem po polyu vdvoem My pojdem s konem po polyu vdvoem Noch'yu v pole zvezd blagodat' V pole nikogo ne vidat' Tol'ko my s konem po polyu"
  • Christian dior - Morrissey
    "Christian DiorYou wasted your lifeOn aroma and clothesFabric and dyes.Christian DiorYou wasted your lifeOn grandeur and styleAnd making the poor rich smile.You could have run wildOn the backstreets of"
  • Introduction - Amine
    "je suis dsl g pas de chanson pour vous mes jaimerai bien vous rencontr j'habite a lyon je suis votre plus grand fan g bien aim les chanson en arbe ces les meilleures !! et en francais ces tro bien ossi"
  • Crecelle - Iam
    "Oui, j'tais funky, trs funky, tu vois, ouais J'aime ce style, maintenant voici les lyrics Il y a quelques annes, j'tais MC Connu Lyon, Marseille, Paris On m'appelait de Toulouse Sarcelles Le MC qui"
  • I'll Be Blue - Frank Black And The Catholics
    "You stared a while then said to me give me a smile and aren't you having fun? stood in my path down in the street i wouldn't laugh and you looked so stuned i think you had noclue i will be blue like a"
  • Si Paris etait en provence - Mireille Mathieu
    "Si Paris tait en Provence ses moineaux deviendraient cigales La Tour Eiffel comme en vacances flirterait avec le Mistral Si Paris tait en Provence la place de la Cannebire Les Champs-lyses quelle chance"
  • Bouge De La - Mc Solaar
    "Everything started in a city called Maison Alfort When I see a weird mama which vibrates her body She sais to me "MC solaar, Come here, so I give you some comforting" I say "No thanx it's very nice but"
  • Beez like that - Erick Sermon
    "Jamal: Ya see all these niggas wanna test my steez I cock and squeeze on all phoney MC's I still maintain and keep my eyes on the prize Got to get the cream nigga better recognize (tell 'em why) It's 95"

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