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  • Elvis Costello Temptation
    "Who's this kid with his mumbo jumbo Living in air-conditioned limbo Though they treat him just like a guest He's living under threat of arrest Now that he's finally trying to make some sense He drinks"
  • Kangaroz III Paski
    "Czas na kilka słów o prawdzie, którą z ulic dobrze znamyNowa moda to trzy paski, adidaski, geld od mamyIdą odjechane laski, wszystkie mają po trzy paskiA za nimi od tylasia banda chłopców w adidasiachŁyse"
  • The Brand New Heavies Feels like right
    "It's not just another everyday nightWhen we get together, baby sparks flyIt's more than a friendship, it's deeper than thatLike the force of an engine, on a jumbo jetAnd when we get close, it's just like"
  • Ghinzu Cockpit Inferno
    "Here is the time for us to know a secret sky for us to go, you've never been before, oh no. A jumbo jet, just you and me, no parachute, it's pilot free. I guess it's time to go, oh no. Don't be shy, say"
  • Galactic Cowboys I Can't Wait
    "A prophet on a rooftop lifting up his holy hands Shouting to the ground below People running here, people running scared Hiding in the shadow Turn a blind eye, turn a deaf ear It's all so hard to handle All"
  • Lifesavas Soldierfied
    "(Jumbo the Garbageman) Yeah Ladies and gentlemen, classics blow off the runway Pregnant drums jam the experts, electric hymn, some say Greasy revival fried chicken sermon Sunday Soldierfied punk spray Vurs,"
  • Paul Brandt Let's Live It Up
    "You only go around once on this big spinnin' planet of love So don't be wastin' my time Tell me what you're dreamin' of We'll take a rocket to the moon and when we get that far I'll hang your coat and"
  • Pokahontaz Sum a Sum a Rum
    "Sum-a-Sum-a-Rum nic pod przymusem Sum-a-Sum-a-Rum robię to co chcę, nie to co muszę Nigdy, przenigdy mi nie rozkazuj nie chcę słuchać nakazów, zakazów tego typów wyrazów nie znoszę na tym"
  • 10CC From Rochdale To Ocho Rios
    "From Rochdale to Ocho Rios From Ocho Rios to Dorking From Dorking its back to Rochdale From Rochdale to Ocho Rios You spend half your life in transit But that's just the way God plans it Pack a shirt"
  • Pushmonkey Thing
    "Last night Flashlight You said We could get in Your bed Your legs Red Light Do you like what I said I think you got a thing for me youe comin' around to check out what I got You got to gimme that thing"

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