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  • Black Masks and Gasoline - Rise Against
    "simply because you can breathe, doesn't mean you're alive, or that you really live, this life here has taken its toll and she just doesn't know how much more she can give but here, at the top of the world,"
  • Broccoli - McFly
    "Everything was going just the way I planned The Broccoli was done! She doesnt know Im a virgin in the kitchen Cause its normally my mum! But then she called me And thats when She said to meee She wasnt"
  • I Get Lonesome - Beck
    "Well there ain't nobody left to impress And everyone's kissing their own hands This 666 on the kitchen floor Ain't no fire in the pan? I get lonesome... So glad to be a slab Stiff as a stick on a board I"
  • The Hollows - Matt Pond PA
    "erasers impress me everyday - they have a way - of forgetting easily morning when your better half - has gone out back - and you can't hide what you see hide the hollows from me what's there, windows holes"
  • The bmx song - Bouncing Souls
    "If i had money i'd buy a new BMXit's a long walk through the city in therain it's along walk from train to train.We'll build a ramp and do some tricks andtry to impress some chicks then we'll puton some"
  • Plato - Superflea
    "It's chilling just how right it feels when you smile I never thought I'd say it, but here I am is it just in my mind? you know,I'd love to tell you all this but I just can't So,how 'bout we go around,sometimes? I"
  • Buffalo! - Dance Gavin Dance
    "Here is a lesson, stop trying to impress them The look on her face is like no, no, no, no, no Question answer Question, No question answer question No one cares who you know know know know know know Here"
  • Nice Girls - Rhubarb
    "Nice girls are out there With quick wit and long hair I'm here but she's there I look but she stares Send me one Nice boys are in bands They can sing but can't dance I try to impress but She laughs at"
  • Sweet - Ryan Kulla
    "Shes super sweet Shes the kinda girl that makes you think Before you open your mouth to speak Cuz her ears deserve only the best The kinda girl thats not easy to impress So different from all the rest You"
  • I Tried - Frank Sinatra
    "I tried, tried to impress you, my love, I gave it all Each hour ever at your beck and call. I tried, tried to caress you, My soul, filled with desire, two arms craving the one I admire. Your charm"

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