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  • Thunderstorm - Sabaton
    "Crack in the distance, a flash in the sky It's getting dark, clouds gather power You heard it coming from over the hill It's time to run, time to seek cover Now there is no hideaway And you have no chance Thor"
  • Asylum - Scream Silence
    "be my fellow through the frozen pale and in the purple tune my nightingale send me an echo when the curse begins i need your confidence to all my sins conceal my trace conceal my vault conceal it tender"
  • Tonight - Andy Williams
    "If I could hold you in the arms of love tonight I'd never let you go As the hours go by I'd show you why we've waited for this As two lovers whisper low If I could feel that magic kiss your lips invite Imagine"
  • Maybe In An Alternate Dimension - Ozma
    "Deep in the hills There is a hideaway That I built with Zack, the lego maniac I'm never ever gonna turn back Maybe in Legoland you're mine Stop pause record fast-forward rewind To the beginning"
  • How Come You - Joan As Police Woman
    "How come you're so solid gold ( Joan as Police Woman EP ) This is the scent of modern love This is the scent of modern love It's in the creep, hideaway And it's in the sink, hideaway Start now Ooh ooh"
  • Hideway - The Corrs
    "It's time to change, throw out the books and start again Break all the rules, fall on your face don't be ashamed You can't waste more time 'cause you've been gone for far too long Trapped in his arms,"
  • Home Is With You - Star Salzman
    "I built a castle for you today, It's made out of sand and the water recedes I don't know what our neighbors will say Will they tell us to get rid of our sea weeds? Maybe we could live there for a while Make"
  • Mountain Music - Alabama
    "Oh, play me some mountain music Like grandma and grandpa used to play Then I'll float on down the river To a Cajun hideaway Drift away like Tom Sawyer Ride a raft with ol' Huck Finn Take a nap like rip"
  • Let's Elope Today - Koop
    "Let's elope today Or find a secret hideaway Somewhere's here to stay Leaves will fall on another day Another day There's a place I know We can go where the cops wont show For this land we pray Leaves will"
  • Feel So Good - Jamiroquai
    "Feels good Im stranded on a spaceship hideaway And something makes me think Im here to stay Im so happy where I am Feels good Ive journeyed to the other atmospheres And every breath I take just makes"

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